AOL Mail Account:History, Advantages And Signup

aol mail account

AOL is a very fast and popular webmail service since the 90s but in 2005 they Relaunched Aol service with new features. It provides many services free like email and several other services.

Similar to Gmail and Outlook, AOL is a free and paid service provider company. It gives unlimited storage to the user that makes it different from other email service providers.

Furthermore, If we talk about usability then you can easily access your AOL mail on iPhone and Androids.

Let’s discuss more about this topic…

History of AOL

AOL is an American online service provider company that begins in 1983 and founded by William von Meister. which is locally based in New York City. If we talk about its history then earlier, another online service also available known as PlayNET that serves multi-player games for the Commodore 64. But suddenly PlayNET has been shut down.

Then Q-Link came and they included many services into it. But again Q-Link is also shut down in 1995, But AOL was still growing at that time AOL had 3 million active users. Basically, AOL is a dial-up service provider in America but it also provides Aol mail services, like AOL email and AOL instant messaging.

Advantage of AOL Mail Services

There are lots of advantages included in new AOL services which we have discussed below…

  1. AOL is also providing 24 hours live technical assistance to help on call to the user.
  2. If we are already connected through the internet and we don’t want to use AOL dial-up Connection. Then AOL provides some free services which we illustrate below…
    • Free EMail Account accessible at
    • Contacts.
    • Free
    • And Free AOL Search.

As you have seen history and advantages of AOL mail now let’s see how to signup AOL mail.

How To Signup AOL Mail Service

Email is the best medium to keep in touch with friends and business clients. And the most important is data security which comes in AOL mail services. So let’s start to AOL main sign now…

First of all, open your browser and type “”. Then you will see on the right side of the above corner “Login/ Join” icon. Click on join. See below to exact understanding.

aol mail signin

  1. Now you have to click on the Create Account button which is just below of Next button as shown in the above images.
  2. Now AOL sign-up window will appear as illustrated below images.
    AOL mail signup

  1.  Specify all details into this AOL sign-up form and click on the continue button.
  2. After that, you will see Varify your mobile number window where you have to type OTP which AOL has sent to you. Finally, you are able to see your own AOL mail Account.
  3. Then you will see a webpage that will tell you, You have successfully created the AOL account. You can see the below AOL account successfully created windowAol mail services

Click to continue button, so that you can start your AOL mail service. After that, you will see your first AOL interface.

aol homepage

How to login into Your AOL mail account

Simply you have to visit the AOL homepage and click on Login/Join button and you will see a webpage like below appear where you can AOL mail login.

aol mail signin

  1. Type your AOL user name and click on the Next button.
    aol mail password
  2. Further, you have to set your new password in the password text box and click on the sign-in button.

Regular update your AOL account password

AOL gives you easy and very common guidance for managing your username and password problems. The password is a very common email issue. you can fix it by following the below steps.

  1. A password is a very sensitive key for your data security. AOL gives some basic advice that we should regularly update your account password.
  2. Start the process by signing in on your AOL mail account security page.
  3. Then simply you have to succeed on Change Password.
  4. After that enter the new password that you want to verify the new password and the new password entries.
  5. And the final step is to click on the Continue button and then you are ready to use the AOL account.

The general question that aked by user

Q.1 Fix AOL Mail Sending Issues?

Ans. Restart your computer: If you haven’t shut down your computer in a while, we required that you start troubleshooting by restarting your computer. And delete cache files and disabling internet security.

Q.2 Is AOL still exists in 2019 or Not?

Ans. AOL Portfolios has been stoped in January 2019. But we can see our portfolio data by signing in to Yahoo Portfolios with our AOL account.

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