Review of Best Shared Web Hosting Services

Shared Web Hosting is the hosting which means that you can share the server with all users who are running their own websites from the hardware. Every user wants to get the promotion on the physical server for their use. The main strength of the hosting is that it is a cost-effective solution because users are preparing their websites to share hardware with other folks then you will naturally pay for dedicated hosting.

By the same tokens, you will share the resources with others and it means that your performance is most likely with less content.

This is for those sites which do not have a lot of traffic but there is a problem if your bandwidth needs are greater, reliable, and consistent performance priority for your WordPress website hosting.

There are 5 Main Best Shared Web Hosting Are:-

  • Hostinger
  • HostGator
  • iPage
  • 1&1 IONOS is a hosting provider which can be used for nearly two decades, offering a range of services across Linux and Windows servers including shared hosting. The simple and basic hosting plan for the users if they want to use it then the price for it is $3.75 per month on an annual contract and delivers plenty for the money, it also includes unlimited storage.

In this hosting users can get a single website according to the given basic plan as mentioned and for unlimited sites, you can also use the Deluxe plan which starts from $6.75 monthly. It also supports the basic good high-quality online knowledge base on tap and in our review. We can find the performance level of with this hosting. This web host is not cheap, if you have any worth paying then there is only a 30-days money-back guarantee to back up.

  • subscription options :
  • for $9.99 per year


Hostinger Shared Web Hosting

It is a popular hosting provider. Hostinger has some affordable plans for both the users and businesses. These plans start from $1.39 per month for a single website with 100GB bandwidth, 30GB disk space and $4.99 is required for unlimited for everything except disk space because disk space is fixed at 200GB. All these plans of hosting come with additional features. A free SSL certificate is included in all plans and Cloudflare protection. If you have any problem in buying these plans then there is a 30-days money-back guarantee, if you are satisfied with the given services.

  • Hostinger subscription options : 
  • 12 month plan – $0.99 per month ($11.88 total cost)



This web hosting is used for the budget-minded. There are really cheap prices when we sign for the long term with HostGator, so there are the best savings here.

For example:- The cheapest shared hosting plans are $2.64 per month if you sign up for 36 months but $3.58 per month if you sign up for one year.

The good news for this hosting is that you get plenty for your money and no annoying limitations. Then there is unlimited for all things like bandwidth, webspace email accounts, and more. 99.9% uptime guarantee is also good to see.

  • HostGator Web Hosting subscription options: 
  • 36 month plan – $2.64 per month ($95.04 total cost)



iPage is a premium outfit with well-featured ‘Essential’ plans which can be offered with a deal of functionality and it is ideal for those looking to host multiple websites. 

The price of premium is starting from $1.99 per month for shared hosting basic plans. This hosting gives unlimited bandwidth and webspace, unlimited email addresses, etc. This hosting provider is also offered the best quality tech support via live chat and email.

  •  iPage Web Hosting subscription options:
  • 12 month plan – $2.99 per month ($35.88 total cost)

1&1 IONOS:-


1 & 1 IONOS is the best web hosting player, vying with GoDaddy for world domination, and is the biggest such out-fit in Europe, located in Germany. The price of this hosting plan is starting from $1 per month for the first year excluding VAT. These hosting plans include free certificates throughout all plans such as SSL certificate, free web design, 24/7 phone and email support, graphics archive, etc.

It gives you a 30-days money-back guarantee and 300 Gbps network connectivity. In this hosting one thing that is different from other hosting is; it gives personal consultants, free of charge which is a neat touch.


Web Hosting is the backbone of your websites and provides the complete resources and knowledge on which platform your websites run. Hosting is very important in choosing the right Web Hosting for your website never goes down and always runs error-free when someone visits your website.  Thanks for reading this article, keep visiting Techtapo.

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