Inventory Management for WOOCOMMERCE

Inventory Management for WOOCOMMERCE

Woocommerce is an online platform which lets you sell your business online. It holds over 28% of the total online business. Let’s just see what it is and how it works.

What exactly is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that helps manufacturers start their business online. It is free and open for all sources. It helps the manufactures customize their website according to them and sells their product. It not only lets you sell the goods, but also online services, softwares and what not. It suits best for the manufacturers who give other services with their products as well.
This ecommerce will make your business easy for you. As you can add the end number of pictures in it without any stress of the limit. It allows you to take payment in any possible way for you- by online means of cash on delivery. This plugin is an awesome platform for international trading too.
You will be amazed by it’s feature as it also calculates the taxes automatically at the time of the purchase by the customer.

Working of Inventory Management of WooCommerce

You can get the feature of Inventory WooCommerce style in the Product Inventory settings by enabling the stock management. You can manage your stock and inventory only and only if you enable the feature, if not you won’t be able to work properly on it, you will only be able to see the stock status and nothing else. If you are not using this feature, you are not using this platform to its best.
One issue that the small manufacturers face in the feature is that this inventory can track only the finished goods but the manufacturers need to track the raw material too. So, manufacturers face a problem with this system.


As informed you, inventory management is for the finished goods, it is very easy to use.

  • You first need to install WooCommerce on WordPress and then you can commence the inventory management process.
  • You will have to categorize your product into 4 that is : 1. Simple 2. Grouped 3. External/affiliate and 4. Variable.
  • Two products out of these four that are mainly used in the manufacturing business are simple product and variable product.
  • After this, set your reorder points which will let the plugin send you notification when the stocks are running low.
  • If you want to navigate WooCommerce, the product level can be set at this stage.
  • Select ‘configure terms’ in the ‘terms’’ column and set the color that is mostly used.

Pros of using WooCommerce Inventory Management

  1. Free and Open Source
    As mentioned above, it is a free and open source to use for managing the business or manufacturing business or for providing any services or digital services online.
  2. Flexible
    It is flexible as there is no limit to the number of products that can be sold. Also, personalisation is available according to the needs of the seller. Products can be customized on the basis of price, discount, color etc.
  3. Professional Look
    It gives a professional and formal look to the website and organises the features properly.
  4. Secure
    Your customers needs to be secure while purchasing and this plugin helps you to gain the trust of the customer as it is highly secure and gives a safe environment to the customers to shop online.
  5. Stats and Analytics
    It helps the users to track the stats and analysis the their website by showing the data of the orders, sales, visits and many more options.
  6. User-friendly
    It is user friendly as it is easy for the users to use WooCommerce without any difficulty or discrepancies.
  7. Payment friendly
    Any mode of payment can be applied on the website for online purchase and it is even available for cash on delivery.

Cons of using WooCommerce Inventory Management

  1. Some features are paid
    It is said that it is free but certain features of it are paid, like themes, security, domain. Getting WooCommerce is free but running the website is not free as it might cost you 1000$/ per year approximately.
  2. Doesn’t support Raw Material
    This plugin is good for the finished product but the manufacturers need to install a third-party app for the sale of raw materials.
  3. Not able to handle Large Database
    Once your website starts booming, the tracking of the data will become difficult as it will only track the finished goods and the data for raw materials will not be shown.
  4. Update products Individually
    If you want to update some features of a bulk of the products, you won’t be able to do it. Instead you will have to update the feature of every single product.
  5. Time consuming
    If your manufacturing business is complicated, then it will cost you a lot of time in working with WooCommerce as it is good for small business and not for complicated businesses.

Whatever the pros and cons are for the WooCommerce Inventory Management, it has helped a lot of people in growing there online business and if you want to use it first learn about it properly and then you ready to work.



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