IOT (Internet of things) and Its Applications

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All About IOT and Its Applications

There is a lot of noise at the moment about the Internet of Things and its impression on everything. IOT is also known as the Internet of Things. The physical object that is connected to the internet called internet of thing. IOT is a combination of the electronics and computer sciences, Which in used the electronics devices and computer programming.

The IoT refers to a network that includes the physical object, which is capable of gathering and sharing electronics information. The goal behind the invent IoT is to have devices that self-report in real time.


Today’s the IoT is very beneficial for the fast working. In the IoT, the domestic things are connected to the internet which is controlled by your phone.


1. What is IoT?

2. How Does IoT Works?

3. Components OF Internet Of Things


3.2 DATA



4. IoT Devices

 4.1  Amazon Dash Buttons

4.2  Amazon Echo

4.3 Awair

4.4 Belkin WeMo

 4.5 Chamberlain MyQ

4.6 Cinder

4.7 Elagato Eve

4.8 August Doorbell

4.9 Canary

5. Applications OF IoT

5.1 Smart Home

5.2 Smart city

5.3 Wearable Technology

5.4 Smart grid

5.5 Connected Car

5.6 Industrial Internet

5.7 Smart Retail

5.8 Smart Farming

5.9 Connected Health

6. Final Words

How Does IoT Works?

It is clear that it applies important data to interact with other devices. Devices that have built-in sensors are attached to IoT platforms which stores data from all the connected devices. The important data is then using to perform tasks that fulfill the needs of people. IoT application works with smart systems that automate tasks to discuss particular needs.

How Does IOT Works?
These important IoT platforms can pinpoint specifically what information is useful and what can securely be ignored. This information can be used to identify patterns, make suggestions, and detect possible problems before they happen.

There are some major components of the Internet of things. Let’s have a look…

Components OF Internet Of Things

Components OF Internet Of Things


Sensors or devices collect data from their environment and transmit the information to the next layer. sensors can be attached to low power wireless networks like Wifi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Z-wave, LoRAWAN etc.


Once the data is collected and it gets to the cloud, the software performs processing on the received data.

This can range from something very easy, like as checking that the temperature reading on devices such as AC or heaters is in an acceptable range. It can sometimes also be very difficult. But there might be a situation when a user interaction is required. 

3. Connectivity

Now the data is sent to the cloud…
The sensors can be connected to the cloud through a variety of systems including cellular, satellite, WiFi, Bluetooth, low-power wide-area networks, or connecting directly to the internet via ethernet.


User sometimes might also have an interface through which they can actively check in on their IOT system. For example, a user has a camera installed in his house, he might want to check the video recordings and all the things through a web server. User interfaces are the visible, tangible part of the IoT system which can be available by users.

Designers will have to make sure a well-designed user interface for least effort for users and promote more interactions. Users will be excited to buy new or smart devices if it is very user-friendly and fit with popular wireless standards.

IOT Devices

IOT Devices

1) Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon Dash Button is a Wi-Fi connected device that assures you never run out of your necessary household, drink, grocery, health care, personal care, baby and pet products ever again.

Amazon Dash ButtonsWhen you are going low on your favorite products at home, just simply press Dash Button and relax while your order is fulfilled and achieved. You can be informed of your order confirmation by the Amazon App. Amazon Dash Button is a stress-free device built to make your life comfortable.

2) Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that can control with your voice. Echo attaches to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more instantly. All you have to do is order. You can play your favorite song. Just like…

1.” Alexa Find me a Chinese restaurant”
2.”Alexa Play Music”
3.”Alexa Calls Dad’s mobile”
4.” Alexa ask uber to request a ride”2) Amazon Echo

3) Awair

Indoor air can be 5x more dirty and polluted than outside, affecting allergies, asthma, eczema, sleep, and much more. Awair tracks toxins in your air and gives you tips to help you keep it clean and safe.3) Awair Awair gives you the information you need to enhance your indoor environment and take control. It additionally has programs for improving sleep and productivity.

4) Belkin Wemo4) Belkin Wemo

The Belkin WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion Kit provide you wireless control of your home appliances and electronics, turning devices of your choice on or off as soon as the movement. The WeMo Switch can be plugged into any home outlet, which can then be managed from an iOS or Android smartphone running the WeMo App, via home Wifi or mobile phone network.

5) Canary Home Device

This all-in-one home safety device takes video and audio and sends alerts in your phone. It automatically is informed of while you are home or away, and you could also observe the stay video feed from your smartphone.

5) Canary Home DeviceJust place Canary on a table, plug it in, connect to the internet, and you are ready to go! With Canary, you have all the information, you need to pick the right response, whether it’s calling the police or sounding the alarm. You can Secure your house with comfort.

6) Chamberlain MyQ

6) Chamberlain MyQChamberlain MyQ products permit you to manage your present storage door together with your iPhone or Android tool. Open and close your garage door from anyplace with your Smartphone. Get alerts when the garage door opens and closes. With Chamberlain’s MyQ Garage, your Smartphone, Wi-Fi and any fit garage door opener, you are connected and in control. The Chamberlain MyQ Smartphone app is free with no monthly fees.

7) Cinder

7) Cinder

Cinder’s website represents this product as “a cross between sous vide, the high-end slow-cooking water bath method used by restaurant chefs, and the George Foreman grill.” It’s a countertop grill that attaches to your smartphone to make cooking fast and easy. It is easy to clean. Cinder cooks food well and heats up quickly. It lets you cook without oil.

8) Elgato Eve

Eve Motion recognizes movement, allowing you to automatically set scenes and control your connected accessories when you enter or exit a room. Elgato offers you with unique comfort of use, excellent security, and tight integration with Siri. Eve Motion connects instantly to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth low energy technology, without requiring a hub, gateway or bridge.

8) Elgato Eve

9) August Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell is a recording device. It monitors your doorway and records every moment before a motion alert. You can replay any recording from the last 24 hours. It installs easily and also gives you live HD video recording. Doorbell Cam really a good device for your Smart home. It captures every moment.

9) August Doorbell CamApplications OF IOT (Internet Of Things)

IOT has many applications, but today we will explain the popular IOT applications.

Smart Home

Smart Home

Whenever we talking about IoT applications, Smart Home is most talked and searched application. Smart Home has become the advanced ladder of progress in the residential spaces and it is predicted Smart homes will grow as common as smartphones. These Smart Home goods are insured to save time, energy money and also security.

Smart Home is extensive but costs saving. Enhanced comfort, convenience, and safety. Can you imagine More than 60,000 people currently search for the term “Smart Home” each month? Yes, it’s absolutely right. Every time is Smart Home ranking as leading IOT application.

Smart City

Smart City

The smart city powerful application of IoT generating interest among the world’s population. Smart cities are no longer the wave of the future. They are here now and rising quickly as the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and impacts public services around the earth. The smart city crosses a wide variety of use cases, from traffic control to water distribution, to waste management, urban security, and environmental monitoring. Its popularity is increasing by the factor that many Smart City solutions ensure to relieve the real pains of people living in cities these days.

IoT solutions in the area of Smart City solve traffic jam problems, reduce noise and pollution and help make cities protected. Smart monitoring, automated transportation, smarter energy management systems, water distribution, urban security, and environmental monitoring all are examples of smart cities.

In smart City Technology there are a few things:

1) Smart Energy
2) Transportation
3) Smart data
4) Infrastructure
5) Smart mobility
6) Smart IoT devices

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

Wearable also the huge topic in the IOT Applications. The wearables section has increased in recent months. Wearable devices are installed with sensors and software which handle data and information about the users. This data is later pre-processed to remove basic insights about the user.


These devices greatly cover fitness, health and entertainment demands. Apart from this, there are lots of wearable devices that make our life easy such as the Sony Smart B Trainer, or LookSee bracelet, Smartwatches, the Myo gesture control, smart glasses, Smart patches, VR eye tracking, GPS devices, and car remotes. So the Wearable technology may soon become an important tool in the workplace.

Smart Grids

Smart Grids

The smart grid is another popular application of the internet of things (IoT). 41,000 monthly Google searches is a proof to this concept’s demand. The Smart Grid will consist of controls, computers, automation, and new technologies and tools working together. These technologies will work with the electrical grid to respond digitally to our fast-changing electric demand. Its also allows real-time communication between consumer and utility.

Smart grid benefits are :

  1. Lowers energy costs
  2. keep your lights on
  3.  Reduced peak demand, which will also help lower electricity rates.
  4. The smart grid is capable of meeting increased consumer demand without adding infrastructure.
  5. It reduces oil usage and provided excellent security.

Connected Car

Connected Car

A connected car is a car that is furnished with Internet access, and usually also with a wireless local area network. This allows the car to share internet access with other devices both inside as well as outside the vehicle. It has the responsibility of making decisions with consistency, accuracy, and speed. This also has to be reliable. It will Increase Safety, save time and money, Supports green transportation and Provides In-Car Infotainment. Connected car has a bright future and is increasingly becoming a reality.

Industrial Internet

Industrial Internet


The Industrial Internet, leads together excellent machines, superior analytics, and people at work. It is also termed as Industrial Internet of Things. It’s the network of a number of industrial devices connected by communications technologies that occur in systems that can control, manage, exchange, examine, and give valuable new insights like never before. These insights can help drive smarter, faster business decisions for industrial companies. A system set with the IoT tends to include tools such as fitness bands for heart monitoring or smart home devices.

Smart Retail

Smart Retail

This topic is also very important in the Internet of things. IoT provides an opportunity for retailers to join with customers to enhance the in-store experience. Interacting through Smartphones and using Light technology can help retailers help their consumers better. They can also track consumers path through a store and improve store design and place premium stocks in high traffic areas. It also increases their sales. Shopper can able to trace the client journey to store and the purchase of the product.

Smart Farming

Smart Farming

Using IoT applications to gather data about the health and great being of the cattle, farmers knowing early about the infected animal can pull out and help stop a large number of diseased animals. most popular smart agriculture gadgets are weather stations, combining various smart farming sensors like light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc. Smart farming based on IoT technologies will allow farmers to overcome waste and improve productivity ranging from the quantity of manure utilized to the number of journeys the farm vehicles have made.

There are many IoT applications in Agriculture-

  1. Precision Farming
  2. Agriculture Drones
  3. Smart Greenhouses
  4. Livestock Monitoring

Connected Health

Connected HealthNew technology like telemedicine and IOT connectivity is making its way into hospitals, homes, and clinic. Healthcare IoT allows to attaching patients for a positive hospital experience, attaching healthcare specialists to ensure continuity of care, access to patient data and gives many more benefits. IoT helps in reforming healthcare and gives pocket-friendly resolutions for the patient and healthcare expert.


Therefore, we learned all about IoT and Its Applications. The Internet of Things (IoT) has the capability to transform the world we live in. The future of IoT is more interesting. IoT is about connecting stuff so that it just works better.

We hope you had fun reading about the internet of things. The Internet of Things will be very influential in the future. If you like this guide, share it with your Friends too and spread information. Also, you can drop your feedback and queries in the comment section. We will happy to hear from you.

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