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Gmail is a free email service. Which is providing by Google from which you can send or receive email In U.k and Germany, Gmail is also called Google mail. The idea for launching Gmail was done by Rajan Seth in his Google interview. And doubled by Paul Buchheit. Google started this apart from its employees for internal use… initially, Gmail had only to open accounts to their limited friends. On April 1, 2014, Google announced Gmail for the public. Very exciting way to start Gmail. And that method was 1 April.

If you want extra storage for Gmail, Google drive and Google plus photos then you have to pay extra money every month. Gmail storage is more than Hotmail and Yahoo. There are many email service as of today they filter spam emails. But Gmail is very effective. In 2014 Google made the first app on the Google play store. Which 1 million Android users starting using .until may 2015 Google was using 90 Cr. people worldwide. And 60 % of USA Company’s started using the Gmail. And its view on mobile quite easily.

Various services of Google which can be used by Gmail

1.Google blogger: It is a great platform for people to write stuff and communicate with the rest of the world

2.Google Docs: It allows you to share, edit word, excel, power points files along with notes.

3.Android: Android OS gave the breakthrough people were looking for in smartphones. Android is the Linux based mobile OS developed by Google. It is one of their biggest projects till now. tube: It is said that over 1 million unique users visitors visit YouTube each month while over 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month. Missed your favorite show, watch that YouTube. YouTube has become a stream of income of many of video bloggers.

5.Chrome: Thanks to Google for yet again proving a breakthrough to people for how they could surf and browse the internet.

10 Gmail Features you should be using….

No one anymore has, time to write emails in the good or, fashioned way. So here we bring 10 Gmail tricks that will simplify your life

1. Turn on keyboard shortcuts

You can use Gmail without even using your mouse, but some of these need you to turn on keyboard shortcuts To turn on keyboard shortcuts follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Gear Icon”
  • Then click on settings
  • Go to “keyboard shortcuts”
  • Click on keyboard shortcuts on

2.Keyboard basics

Here are some keyboard hacks you should know to operate Gmail

  • c- To compose a new message
  • D- To compose a new message in a New Tab
  • R- To reply to a message
  • J- To go to the Next message
  • K- To go back to a message
  • U- to go back to your inbox
  • /- to activate the search bar

3.Canned Responses

Do you find yourself sending the same message over and over again?

You don’t need to do it manually

  • Just use ‘canned’ message instead
  • Here’s how you can do that
  • Click on the “Gear icon”
  • Then click on settings and go to ‘labs’
  • And go to ‘ Canned Responses’
  • Click on Enable
  • Now save the settings

Now compose a new message with the text you want to send

Click on the down arrow to save it as a Canned Response

4- Mute an email chain

  • Click ‘M’ to mute a thread

5- Two Panes

Going back to the inbox after reading every email is such a pain

But you can change that by using panes option

Just follow these steps

  • Click on the ‘Gear’ icon
  • Click on settings
  • Go to ‘labs’
  • Go to preview panes
  • Click on Enable
  • Save the settings
  • Go back to the inbox
  • Click on “toggle Pane” option

6- The ‘ Shift ‘ key:

You can do a lot by pressing the shift key

  • Hold ‘shift’ to select multi messages to delete
  • Hold ‘shift’ + ‘compose’ to compose a message in a new window

7- Better search

You get better search results in Gmail by using a simple trick

Click small ‘arrow’ next to the search bar for deeper search

8- Read your mail offline

  • Click on the Gear icon
  • Click on settings
  • Go to offline
  • Click on ‘ Install Gmail Offline’
  • Go Back to the Inbox

Once installed Let it sync all your emails for offline viewing

9- Enable Vacation Auto Responder

You can send a default reply to everyone when you are out of town

  • Just follow these steps
  • Click on the ‘Gear’ icon
  • Click on settings
  • Go to general
  • Go to ‘Vacation Responder’
  • Click on Vacation Responder On
  • Type in the message
  • Save the settings

Following Some benefits of Gmail:

1. Send an email- 

if you have to send mail any mail I’d then you can use Gmail.

  • For this, go to and log in there.
  • You see the compose button your left side.
  • click the compose button
  • And send the email anywhere.

2. Chatting –

As soon as you log in to Gmail.

  • You will see a chat box on the left side.
  • If you have ever exchanged an email with a person it will automatically show its name in your chat box.
  • If that person is online,
  • Then you can do chatting with him.

3. Manage emails-

After login into, you will find inbox on the left side.

  • After clicking the inbox
  • If anybody sent you the mail so he will be seen.
  • If you click on that mail you will see the full Email.
  • If you want to spam, delete that mail, you have to move so you can do it.
  • You can find that mail with the search button.

4. Manage contact number-

you can also view your contact list with your Gmail account. you have to

  • For this after clicking on the left side, you click
  • Then you will get contact list button
  • After which click on you can see your contact list
  • There you can also see your contact list’s email id, phone number, mobile number, address and also see the birth dates.
  • You can also create a group of your contact list.

We hope that you have understood all about Gmail, all the above points are understood easily. If you have any dought regarding Gmail, so you can contact the Gmail support team. They have listened to your issues and resolve all your queries.

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