Simple iPhone Tips to Get More Out of Your Device

Simple iPhone Tips to Get More Out of Your Device

iPhones have been popular in the digital market for a long time. They are user-friendly and well known among smartphone consumers. 

Are you an iPhone user? Do you feel like upgrading your iPhone experience? Do not worry since you can easily achieve them using some tricks and tips mentioned in this article.

How to Move Files?

If you wish to learn how to move photos from iphone to iphone because you want to send pictures to your friends or family members, do not worry. There are a few simple ways to do this.

The first method is to use a social media app and send photos to another social media user directly via messages. 

In case you have too many photos and transferring them via social media manually would take too long, use iCloud or a specific application, such as AnyTrans. Copying photos to your computer and transferring the files to another iPhone is also one of the available options.

How to Enable the Dark Mode?

Yes, that right, you can switch to Dark Mode on your iPhone. Yes, you can, of course, make your screen darker by dimming the brightness of your iPhone, but still, there is an individual option of the Dark Mode on your iPhone. It automatically darkens your screen and also dims the light from your iPhone’s brightness. 

To enable the Dark Mode, you need to go to Settings, then to the General option. Then, you have to go to the option called Accessibility, and then you have to enable the option called Zoom. Now, once you tap on your iPhone’s screen using three fingers simultaneously, you can see the Choose Filter option.  

Select it and then click on the Low Light option. And that enables the Dark Mode on your iPhone. In order to disable it, you have to tap thrice on your iPhone’s screen using three fingers and then select None. 

How to do Screen Recording on Your iPhone?

You can also record your smartphone’s screen while using the iPhone. You’ll receive the file in the form of a screen-recorded video. If you still do not know how to record your iPhone’s screen, here is how you can do it. 

While customizing your Control Centre, you can also add the option Screen Recording there. To record your iPhone’s screen, you need to take the Control Centre upwards, and then, you have to tap on the Record option. This will start the screen recording procedure. 

Once you are done with the recording, you have to re-tap on the Record option to stop the recording. In this way, you shall get a video of your screen activities. It is usually saved in your phone’s gallery or photos by default. 

However, you can not record the audio that comes out of the device. You can still use the microphone to record your own audio. And that’s how you make a video of your iPhone’s screen. 

How to Setup Your iPhone’s Own Option of Personal Hotspot?

By setting up a hotspot connection, you can share data from your iPhone to another device, be it a phone, tablet, or computer. And it is straightforward to do so. You need to go to your phone’s Settings option and click on the Personal Hotspot option. 

This shall help you to use your iPhone as a personal WiFi connection or a router. Just enable the personal hotspot in the settings, and the data signal of the phone shall be shared immediately. 

You can also set a password to your Personal Hotspot in case you want to keep your connection and data secure. You need to go to Personal Hotspot in the Settings menu and set the password there. 

Whenever you want to share your data, click on the hotspot option, and your iPhone shall be visible under Available WiFi Connections. While connecting, you have to type the password, keeping your data protected from vandalism. 

How to Use a Tape Measure on Your iPhone?

Yes, your iPhone can also measure objects along with being your digital best friend. Your iPhone has an inbuilt option for a tape measure; for times, you cannot get it done on your own. This is an app that uses the technology of augmented reality in order to measure everyday objects. It might not be completely accurate every time, but it provides very close and approximate results with its unique technology. 

How to Use Your Sign in a Document on Your iPhone?

Now that the world has started becoming digitized with new innovations, it is also possible to sign your documents on your iPhone instead of doing so on a hard copy. If you need to put your signature on any file, you can do it straight away using your phone. 

In order to do so, you have to preview the Mail attachment. Then, you have to tap on the Toolbox visible on your iPhone’s screen and then select the Signature option from the Markup preview. Now you have to draw your signature. 

Sign on the touch screen of your iPhone using your fingers and select the option Done when you’re finished. And boom, you have signed the document you wanted to.

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