Free Cloud Storage Service Providers and their features

Free Cloud Storage Service Providers

In today’s changing modern world, free cloud computing is a revolution in the IT world that has completely changed the meaning of IT resources for businesses. Simply put, cloud computing is related to the delivery of cloud computing services such as storage, computing, networking, databases and more on the Internet.

So in this article, we have compiled to help you understand what the services of free cloud storage are. And which cloud storage would be best for you. So let’s start now!

What is Free Cloud Storage?

Free cloud storage is a way to store data online. And if it is said in simple language, free cloud storage is one that allows you to store digital media online by uploading it via your computer or mobile device. It requires an Internet connection to maintain, manage and share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, pictures, audio, video, and more. It is transferred and accessible via the web, its data is physically held on very large servers, which often provide the specific service you use.

Traditional techniques for storing data information, for example, hard storage and pen drives or some other storage device, have too many points connected. But once the storage device is corrupted, all the data stored is lost. So Cloud storage is therefore used as an imitation of traditional storage devices, where customers can store their information and store their backup files on hardware and USB flash drives.

How Can It Work?

It can free up your several GB of space by storing your photos, videos, documents, and other files online, yet you can access and view them on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Once you are registered then any related software or app is downloaded and installed, you can either backup the files manually or adjust the settings so that certain folders are backed up automatically. You can then delete the backed up files to free up space from your device.

You can also access your files through your web browser by logging into your free cloud storage account on the respective company’s website.

The most popular services of free cloud storage are that you can also share your photos, videos, and documents with friends and family by creating special links.

There is no limit to the number you use, it only depends on how much space you need for all of them. So you can grab 35 GB + storage for free.

Is It Safe?

When you are using cloud storage, the biggest problem you have is security because you are completely dependent on its service to keep your files safe. If your account gets hacked, there is a chance that someone may steal your file and be used for identity theft, so always weigh the risks before uploading anything with sensitive information.

Cloud storage software always uses an encryption method to secure your information and it also ensures that the right person has access to the account.

Encryption scrambles your data so that an unauthorized person is unable to obtain it. The strength of encryption is at three levels, starting from 128-bit to 192-bit and the safest as 256-bit. This two-step verification involves sending a notification or text message to your mobile phone that will ask you to answer or enter a code when logging in or amending your account to prove you are an authorized account holder.

How Much Amount Of Storage Do You Need?

The level of storage depends only on what you are using it for. In the case when you are only using documents and email, at that time, 5GB will do the trick for most. And if you want to back up photos, music or videos, you’ll probably need more.

It is very impossible to estimate how many files you can store in a set allowance as it depends a lot on the resolution of your photos/videos and the quality of your music files.

In general, 10GB should allow around 2,500 high-target photos, a one-hour full-HD video or around 2,500 tunes.

List of Top 5 Best Free Cloud Storage Application

Google Drive

google drive

Nowadays Google Drive is the most popular app out of all cloud storage. Google drive provided a free online data storage service by google. Its service stores files, photos and more on all user’s PCs, tablets and mobile devices. Furthermore, it offers 15 GB of free space.


  • You can create your own Docs, Sheets, And Slides.
  • It provides you with real-time synchronization.
  • This tool can be used for macOS.
  • It allows documents up to 1.02 million characters to be stored, spreadsheets up to five million cells, presentation up to 100 MB, and
  • Google locales up to 10 million characters for every page.
  • You can access it through your browser, your computer desktop, iOS, and Android devices.



The box is a cloud file management and sharing service. Which you can install a desktop app to sync between your computer hard drive and your account or download a mobile app to upload and access files online from your smartphone or tablet and it offers 10GB of free space.


  • You can use window explorer and mac finder to search the file you want.
  • In the box, you can edit it like a local file and it will automatically save it to the cloud.
  • It also allows you to invite the team to make changes and upload the files.
  • This device is accessible for Windows, macOS and mobile platforms.

One Drive


Microsoft OneDrive provides an Internet-based storage device and synchronization service. It is available for free to everyone with a Microsoft account. OneDrive applications can be utilized to sync files on a Windows PC or Mac working framework. What’s more, it offers 5GB of free space.


  • You can utilize your telephones to check business cards, receipts, whiteboard notes, or store paper archives in OneDrive.
  • In One Drive app, the Students can get 1TB of storage for free.
  • One Drive allows you to upload files up to 15 GB in size.
  • You can access it through iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows PC, Blackberry OS X.

Amazon Drive

amazon cloud drive

Amazon Drive is a cloud storage application of amazon. It provides security services for cloud storage, file sharing, photo printing, and file backup. They follow the footsteps of Google and Microsoft. Furthermore, it offers 5GB of free space.


  • It gives you 5GB of free storage for photos, videos, music, and documents.
  • It will also help you to organize and edit photos online and allows you to sync files and folders.
  • You can get to it through an internet browser, iOS, and android.

Apple iCloud

apple icloud

Apple iCloud is most likely a cloud storage service that is managed by apple inc. This is a service where users can save any file on the cloud, and iCloud will automatically update and store your files across all connected devices. And now you can use this service for Mac and Windows PCs as well. Furthermore, it offers 5GB of free space.


  • It provides 5GB of storage that you can use to backup photos, videos, mail, notes, calendars, app data, contacts, and documents.
  • In Apple iCloud, the file uploading size limit is Up to 15GB.
  • Many people can work together only through a simple link.
  • You can access it through iOS and OS X; Windows. And it is not available for android devices.

Wrapping Up

As any computer owner quickly learns, computers are bad things. From the ashes, they revert to the old technological junk.

Although you try to be diligent about moving your belongings from one computer to another, things inevitably get lost along the way.

In the event that your archives or information are backed up or stored online, they will be available from any PC whenever you first need to do anything to get them from the computer.

Now that you’ve seen my full free cloud storage list, vote for your favorite cloud storage.

If you want to know any type of other information about cloud storage then you can leave us a message in the comment section, we will connect to you ASAP.

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