Best Cloud Storage For Business

Best Cloud Storage For Business And Their Features

Looking for the best cloud storage brands for 2020? If yes, then be with us to know the detailed brand descriptions and also we will help you know which cloud storage you should opt for according to your need or requirement.

As we all know today’s Cloud is very trending in the market especially for storage purposes. Everyone wants to store our data on Cloud rather than any hard drive or local computer Because it’s very easy to access the data from the cloud through the internet. With the booming demand for cloud, there are lots of cloud storage brands available in the market with unique features and specifications.

Top Cloud Storage Providers

We know that there are many brands in the market for cloud storage. Here we are going to discuss about Top cloud storage providers with its special features and specifications. So let’s get begin.

Apple iCloud

apple icloud

It is a good storage-only option for Apple lovers and is the top Microsoft competitor in the market. Apple iCloud offers you 5GB of free storage with your free Apple account but this storage space is not sufficient to back up your iPhone, we generally need lots of space to store our photos and other media. But, the plan for extending the storage space is available at a very fair price so everyone can easily afford it.

iCloud users can easily access or fetch their files and data from a browser by logging into the iCloud account or on any Apple device. You can easily expand your storage limit to 50GB for £0.79/month, to 200GB for £2.49/month, and to 2TB for £6.99/month. Anyone can expand their storage up to 2TB.

It is very strict storage, you have no option to share your data outside of Apple’s Family Sharing. In case, If you looking for cloud storage service where you can easily send files to friends or clients, then you need to see any other cloud storage.

Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive is the best cloud storage selection for Andriod and ChromeBook’s users. Now-a-day its a very popular storage world-wide because everyone using a google free email account and its a free storage with Google account. It offers you 15GB of storage completely free, along with free storage offers you to access Google’s G Suite variety of online apps like photos, maps, etc. It also offers you a special feature to create presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and drawings.

There are desktop apps for both Windows and Mac available in the online app store that allowing you to sync and share files very easily.

Security: Google Drive supports two-factor authentication & uses HTTPS and TLS for transmissions of data. You can also encrypt your data before adding it to the Drive.

Microsoft OneDrive


OneDrive is the in-built feature with Windows 10, you don’t need to install any application to your device. Microsoft’s OneDrive offers an easy way to get cloud storage. Microsoft provides 7GB of free storage for users and some of its OneDrive products, which begins with most utmost Office software or subscriptions. OneDrive users can store any file type or data but it is basically well adapted to Office documents.
Microsoft’s Photos app also uses OneDrive to sync photos over all your devices. And also late March, Autodesk AutoCAD has been combined with OneDrive which is really a piece of good news for every user who is using the software’s drafting tools. Along with this, you also get a feature called Personal Vault, which provides you an extra layer of security. There is an app available in the online store for both Android and iOS devices, and there’s even one in the App Store for Mac users.

If you want to expand your storage space then you have several options, you can add 20GB at $10/year, add 50GB at $25/year, add 100GB at $50/year.

Security: During uploads and downloads password-protected data is SSL-encrypted.



It is a popular cloud storage brand. We start its free account with just 2GB of storage space. You can exceed this limit up by referring to your family and friends and also by completing your user profile or following the company on Twitter. All modifications or changes made to files stored in it are easily backed up for 30 days. Users can choose to upload photos from their devices.

You can expand your storage space 100 GB at $99 per year. And in free you can add 500 MB per referral up to 18 GB. The special feature in Dropbox is others can easily upload their own files to your Dropbox.

Security: Uses 256-bit AES encryption during data store and supports two-step verification.

Amazon Cloud Drive

amazon cloud drive

It allows 5GB of free storage space with its Drive product only for Amazon account holders. Amazon Drive provides safe cloud storage, file backup, file sharing, and Photo printing facilities to its users. Here, users can store a whole range of files using the desktop or mobile Drive app by using their Amazon login ID and Password.

You can exceed your storage space by following paid plans: 20GB at $10/year, 50GB at $25/year, 100GB at $50/year, 200GB at $100/year 500GB at $250/year. And for music: 250 imported songs are free and 250,000 imported songs at $25/year.

Security: Data is sent by using 28-bit RC4 encryption but files are not encrypted on company servers.



If you need all cloud storage for your business then, Box is one of the best options for you. It offers unlimited storage to the user except for the stater plans. Box also gives amazing strong security benefits like data loss protection, and it is supported by lots of mainstream apps such as Office 365 and Google Docs, G-Suite and AutoCAD. It is to be had for Windows in addition to Mac users.

You can exceed your storage space by following paid plans: 10GB free storage, 100GB at $5/month.

Security: Box provides 256-bit encryption on both in transit and on the company’s servers.

I Drive


It is certainly one of the exceptional cloud storage if you are searching for enough online backup. It continuously syncs all your files, even on network drives, and if you’re on its personal or business plans, it offers a potentially life-saving free backup service called IDrive Express. If for any reason you lose all your local files, it will send you an exact hard drive containing everything that has been backed up.

In case, if you randomly delete any important file, it cannot automatically be deleted from the IDrive server, you can regain that file up to 30 previous versions of all backed-up files. Another smart feature is a facial recognition system that helps to easily organize photos, and also allows you to share your files by email, Facebook or Twitter.

IDrive allows 5 GB of free storage and you can exceed your storage space by 2TB at $13.90 for 1-year.

Security: Login is secure, IDrive uses the secure HTTP protocol, with SSL to standard HTTP communications and using 256-bit AES encryption at the time of login credentials.

P Cloud


It is considered one of the satisfactory cloud garage for storing huge files. Here there is no limit to store your files. You can sync large media files with pCloud and it has a built-in video player and streaming, audio player. The service is accessible for all desktop and mobile platforms. Users can also directly log in through the website.

For an extra feature, this cloud storage solution maintains five copies of all your files on different servers. There are following plans for Premium: $3.99/month or $47.88/year – 500GB storage. Premium Plus: $7.99/month or $95.88/year – 2TB storage. Crypto add-on: $3.99/month.

BT Cloud

bt cloud

It is an unfastened cloud storage carrier for Broadband customers. It provides you to securely back up and also allows to share important data and files. This will automatically return the content you choose from each of your devices, making it easy to use from anywhere.
If you want to exceed your storage space then, pay £3 for 50 GB per month or £9 for 500GB per month.

Security: BT cloud is using 256-bit AES encryption both on the cloud server and on-transit.

WD MyCloud

wd cloud

WD MyCloud is different from all the cloud storage, here you can buy a personal server that is called Mycloud. Mycloud is commonly a 2-4 TB hard disk but like traditional hard disk, you don’t need to connect it with computer, you have to connect it to your home network.MyCloud allows you to organize all your data, and you can access it from any device and from anywhere.

The price of this device depends on the storage space. 2TB storage at $150, 3TB at $180, 4TB at $250.

Security: It using 256-bit encryption during the transmission of data.

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Your data is the backbone of your business, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe. Cloud storage provides you the best security with encrypted keys or SSL certifications. Now, here going to wrap up my article with the 10 best brands for cloud storage. Hope you love to read this article and will help you to choose the best cloud storage brand for your business.

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