Best E-commerce Platform: Introduction, Concept, and Features

Best Ecommerce Platform

Searching for a best e-commerce platform, then you are the right place. In this article, we will discuss all the E-commerce platform and how to make the best choice for your online business.

In today’s time, everyone wants to shop through the internet that is e-commerce. e-commerce platform is the process by which businesses and consumers sell and buy goods and services through the electronic medium, i.e the internet, it is called E-commerce. Online games, e-books, videoes, e-education, and other product buying anything etc are included in e-commerce.

Companies like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Olx, Quickr, and Jabong etc remain a world-class platform for online advertising. Through e-commerce, one can order anything like clothes, furniture, grocery items, food items, laptop, smartphone mobile through e-commerce.

Online shopping is very easy as it is available for 24 hours globally. It provides great customer service and the website through which we take any works or goods online is called e-commerce websites.

Categories of E-Commerce Platform

There are two categories of e-commerce platforms such as free trials and free plans.

In free plans, you built a website and sales your goods for absolutely nothing.

Most of the platform offers free trial plans where you can try before buy. Free trails mean you can test all the premium benefits for free in a limited time.

In the research, we got the best free e-commerce platform

13 Best Free and Paid E-Commerce Platform for 2019

1. Shopify|2. Wix|3. Squarespace|4. Woo-Commerce|5. Magento|6. Big Cartel|7. Big Commerce|8. Volusion|9. Zen Cart|10. Os Commerce|11. Open Cart|12. Prestashop|13. Drupal Commerce

Standalone is the best e-commerce platform that can be a great solution for starting an online business. And we have also mentioned the free and paid e-commerce platform.

1. Shopify


Shopify is the best e-commerce platform for a business website. That builders help people and businesses to built own online store. So, you can sell a product directly on your website, and across multiple marketplaces and social media. It is a powerful management tool and a world-class app help its user grow from small-time retailers into e-commerce empires.

Furthermore, Shopify allows beginners to create an online store without coding. Software installation and hosting services are not required. Shopify is a cloud-based software service shopping based solution.

2. Wix


Wix is a website builder that allows you to create a website. It also has to create features that allow the built online store. Wix offers a shopping cart with all the functionality you need. Wix is not a perfect e-commerce platform.

3. Squarespace



It is the new addition of a growing list of site-building software that is easy for any users to create and run a personal business. Squarespace is a hosting platform so, user-pay a monthly fee, which includes shared hosting and domain name that is free for the first year.

It is popular among creatives, writers, bloggers, artists, and photographers.

4. Woo-Commerce

Woo commerce

Woo-commerce is the most popular WordPress e-commerce. It is completely free to use and it can be easily installed on any WordPress site. It populates with any kind of physical or digital product. Woo-commerce is a WordPress plugin that is the way to open an online shop.

5. Magento


Magneto is the king of the e-commerce platform. It was released in 2014. It is made up of an open-source technology that provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. Magento offers search engine optimization and powerful marketing and catalog-management tools.

Magento is designed to utilize as an application by someone who isn’t a developer. It is extremely very large and helpful.

6. Big Cartel

Big cartel

It is founded in 2005 by matt Wigham and also one of the best eCommerce platforms. Big cartel market is an easy to use solution for creatives who want to sell their works in an easy manner. This platform is all in one kind of thing that you build, manage, and run an e-commerce store in one place.

This best eCommerce platform cartel is believed in an artist and it is something that shows in the way that the whole platform is designed and the way it operates. self Big cartel is commonly used to e-commerce builders where you can set up a store and sell online for free.

It is good for small business that is not looking to scale up soon. You are meant to be making money through your site.

Big cartel gives you an online store and a great visual presence and it does not need any website. This effectively means is that you built everything on your own. And you won’t feel impressed about it.

7. Big Commerce

Big commerce

It is a leading e-commerce software platform. It provides startups and established companies with their need to grow and start the online store.

Big-commerce is a strong platform with an easy to use interface. It is built advance in features.

If you are looking for an e-commerce software platform then you have considered big commerce

As it may be a great fit for a new expanding online store.

8. Volusion


Volusion is created in 1999. It is all in one company that serves more than 40,000 online stores. It offering free and paid service for a variety of industries such as payment processing, web hosting, order management, newsletter, social media management, customer loyalty plans.

9. Zen Cart

It’s a good e-commerce platform. That has been 4% of the share market. It has hundred of zen cart programmers on various e-commerce websites. They are based on PHP and My SQL foundation. It is managed by designers, programmers, and business owners across the world. There are more than 100000 stores are deployed using the zen chart e-commerce platform.


Zen cart best Ecommerce platform

10. Os Commerce

Os commerce

Os commerce an open-source online shop. It is easy to use and available for free. Some large companies have recommended this usage it’s biggest benefits is that it is easy to use interface and detailed user setting.

11. Open Cart

Open Cart

It is an open-source e-commerce platform that combines flexibility, simplicity, and multi-functionality. An open cart can use competitively to others very easy, less technical knowledge needed, easy customization. It is used for free.

12. Prestashop


Prestashop is free and open-source of the e-commerce platform. It is offered by a commercial company that is focussed on the best possible offering features for the price. It works with partner and does the best for the client.

13. Drupal Commerce


It use to built e-commerce websites and used applications of all sizes. Moreover, Drupal designs with the idea of professionals were going to use it. Drupal Commerce has been kept close to drupal architecture.

Types of Best Ecommerce  Platform

Basically, there are several types of best e-commerce free platform, one of the main differences is their type of hosting.


It means you download a piece of software and install it on your server. Also, self-hosted platforms give a lot of control on the website. It puts all the responsibility to keep it safe, update and make changes manually. It also has an open-source e-commerce solution in this model.


The alternative is to use software that is hosted by someone else. Software as a service solution is the best example here. It’s benefits are

  • Quick startup
  • Less technical overhead
  • Cost is expensive


Several of the options below offer the possibility to include their shopping carts into other platforms such as WordPress.

Features of Best E-commerce Platform

As a business owner, you have a tool to manage your website and the features fit with your business process. Before diving into an e-commerce project think carefully about the features needed. The most important features include

  • Content management capabilities
  • An easy to use the checkout
  • Search engine optimization code and layout
  • Reporting tools
  • An integrated block or article section
  • Email marketing integration
  • Multiple payment options
  • An easy to checkout
  • The ability to scale up with your platform

How to Choose the Best E-Commerce Platform

There are the other ways to differentiate e-commerce platform and some of them depend on your personal needs

  • Scalability
  • Costs
  • Ease of use
  • Customization
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Support
  • Commerce option
  • Mobile capabilities

Now, we are discussing different types of e-commerce features and community support. We have considered e-commerce platforms and types for both large and small businesses to help you to choose the best according to your needs.

We came to learn what are the advantages and disadvantages of having an online business. Top of the list of advantages of e-commerce is a low financial cost but other pros include selling internationally.

Advantages of Best E-Commerce Platform

  • We can pay the transactions of our business to national and international markets.
  • Before buying a product, we can learn about the quality of that product which makes it easier for us to buy a good product.
  • We can use e-commerce in 24x for 7 hours.
  • All the work is done between the organization, and the consumer, there is no need for the third party, which directly benefits the organizations.
  • We can buy any item online while sitting at home. We do not have to go out and buy goods.

Disadvantages of Best E-Commerce Platform

  • Inability to predict the process of the environment.
  • Consume failed to understand how to make a purchase through e-commerce.
  • Many people don’t use the internet for any kind of financial transaction.
  • Desired products may require a lot of calls and emails, which make a lot of money.
  • Ecommerce is mainly used through the internet. Even today, the internet is far from the reach of many individuals, the reason for this is a lack of faith or knowledge.
  • The e-commerce venture mainly depends on the third party, that is we cannot access the global market without the internet, the internet plays the role of a third party.


In this article, we have discussed the top e-commerce and features of an e-commerce platform.

In this world of new technology, E-commerce has become one of the best methods of making money online and the best opportunities for investors. So, e-commerce is very important for business growth.

We hope that the information given by us is helpful for you.

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