Know Most Downloaded WordPress Plugins and Widgets

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For those who don’t know about WordPress widgets let me tell you that widgets help you to add content and features to your sidebars. However they were created to provide a simple and easy way of giving design and  control of the theme to the user.

Widgets does not required expertise and code experience. Some best WordPress widgets are of following types:

  • Profile Widgets.
  • Social media widgets.
  • Sidebar manager widgets.
  • Social media widgets.
  • Recent posts widgets.
  • Custom widgets area plugins.
  • Testimonial widgets.
  • Rating widgets and many more.

Those who have confusion about  plugins let me tell you that plugin is a piece of software contains a group of functions that can be added to a website. Plugins are written in PHP language and integrated with WordPress. They help to extend functionality or add new features to your website. PlugIns are generally extensions that should be installed on the server and must be activated in order to be used on the website. The purpose of plugins varies greatly depending on what it is for.

Plugins and Widgets
Plugins and Widgets

Image Source: Google Image

Here is a list of some most free downloaded widgets and plugins:

Google Maps Widget:

Google Maps widget completely solves the problem. This allows you to have Google Maps with the precise location in  within few minutes. There are general, thumbnail and interactive map options. You can also add captions and pins to it. This can be very use full to the user in many aspect like saving any location for future use and while traveling to unknown places he can reach to destination through this widget.

Contact widget:

It is not load with extra features to make widget complex to use. It enables to create a widget that has contact information, email address map location and many more. This widget is a simple way that help to set up a contact us section on the website. This widget also allow you to display your social media profiles.

Event on:

This plugin help you if you need an event calendar on your website. Some customization is require in interface and all the event plugins we have work with, this is the most pleasing to view for the end users. So this is the plugin for you if you want an event calendar on your website. It can also help you to organize your event based on color and category this will make easy to find for all users. Add event calendar to the sidebar with the included widget.

 Addtoany share buttons:

This is a word processing sharing plugin. This plugin is mainly popular because it increases engagement and traffic of the website It also allows people to share and promote their posts and pages to any social platform like Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In,Twitter Whats App and more. This widget is a universal sharing platform, making site social media ready.

Image widgets:

In this you can customize the view section by using theme overrides or filters available within this unique plugin. Furthermore this widgets help you to upload the image from your image gallery or you can add link of the external image you want to add to your website. In this you can add description and title of the image.

Floating social media icon:

You can opt to display icons for social media automatically or you can utilize them as social media widgets. With this plugin, you can display social media icons in the content of your website pages.

Dynamic widgets:

WordPress dynamic widget can allow the widget to appear on any page that you select for its display. Dynamic widget can give you the complete control on the pages of website a widget will be shown.You don’t need any PHP knowledge to go with dynamic widget from Qurl.

Quotes collection:

Your blog look more interesting by allowing you to collect  and your favorite quotes or interesting speech to your blog. This free word process widget offers you an option to hide  or to show quote author and quote source.

Quick Chat:

Quick chat keep your chat secure and under control as your chat are saves in your WordPress database. You can merge it with your user account  that allows you to use your login name for chatting purpose.

Widget & plugins make it easy to customize or modify website layouts and have become a game changer in WordPress. Widgets help grasp the adaptability of a website and draw attention to the important parts of the website. Adding social media icons to popular posts, calendar and email subscription, there are widgets for every aspect of a website. Above mentioned list of widgets and plugins can help you a lot to make a great difference to your website.


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