How to sign in and create the Hotmail account?

Hotmail account

Hotmail is an email service that provides email facility to all over the world. This service is a part of Microsoft that allows the user to create the free email address using the Hotmail domain. Hotmail is a popular email website and user want to create the account on this. For the first time, some user faced difficulties to create a Hotmail email account. So in this article, you can find that how to sign in and create the account on Hotmail email.

Hotmail create account

If the user wants to create the account on the Hotmail email then some steps are followed by the user. These steps and process are provided to you.

Step 1: In the first step type in your browser and press enter. Hotmail email website is open in your system.

Step 2: After this step, click on the create free account button and a new box is open in your front screen. Then type a unique username in the new email option and click the next button.

Step 3: Now a new box is open and asks for your name then fill this and click next. In the next box, you find detail option and you will fill details and click on the next button.

Step 4: Next step shown in front of you, this is a captcha code confirmation and you have to fill this. Then it will redirect you to the next page.

Step 5: In the next page you will found that approximately account is created and type your contact number for privacy and fill the text received in your phone number.

Step 6: In the next box you type a password for your email account and fill other details of your profile. Every user can easily work on this steps. Fix a profile image and your Hotmail account is completely created.

These six steps help the user to create the Hotmail live email account. Any user can easily create this account. Now our next option is the sign in process of Hotmail. If any new user confused in the sign in process of Hotmail. Then next these steps help the user for their problems.

Hotmail sign in

If any user wants to sign in the Hotmail email website then they can follow all the steps for easily sign in. After sign up on the website then user take the next step of login on the Hotmail account.

Step 1: In the first step open the website and when the home page is open then two buttons are shown in the display. These buttons are created with the free account and second is the sign in. Now click on the sign in button.

Step 2: After clicking on the sign in button a box is open and you type your unique email address which was applied in creating of the new account. After typing the email address when you click on the next button.

Step 3: Now our next step is password. In this step, you type the password that you fix on your email address. Then one option and one button are on the box.

Step 4: Next you can see the first option is “keep me signed in” on the box and button is the sign in. If you click on this option and after that click on the sign in the button then your email identity is saved on this system.

Step 5: If you don’t click on the option. Next time if you want to sign in on the Hotmail then always type username and password.

These five steps solve your sign in difficulties on the Hotmail live email. This email has many features and easy to use by any user. Always sign in and sign up process are easily solved by the Hotmail email support helpline.

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