6 Way Technology Changed Our Live & Thoughts Forever

Technology Changed Our Live

Technology has developed our lives and thoughts forever in different ways. It has innovated our regular life in all aspects. Technology has made some profits to our life as well as a loss of our life. It has also deprived a number of things of our life like letters to our loved ones, mailing greeting cards, etc. Nowadays we are more vulnerable to technology like that we can’t live a single day without mobile, social media, internet, etc.

1. Virtual Gossip

Previous days whenever people wanted to contact our family, friends, and relations the only choice was to give a call to know about their whereabouts. However today people have come much closer than earlier. Nowadays everyone knows the each other’s day to day life through the status.

But we cannot make out the emotions that are involved in the social media over the internet. Instead of making a phone call now people prefer texting with the person online through many social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

People feel more comfortable than the traditional phone calls as they can’t show their emotions and feelings over texting. Even the important gossips are made through email and chat instead of personal meetings due to lack of time or priority.

2. Reading Booklet

Previous we used to buy our favorite author books from a bookstore. However, there is no requirement to go to the bookstore because most of the books are converted as an e-book.

You can find all types of books like magazines, novel, and booklets are available online now. A number of shopping sites sell these e-books at a low or discounted rate online. You also get a huge variety of options. Everyone can take their own time to select the book as there is no bookseller to keep a watch on you.

For particular reading, Amazon developed Kindle, a small electronic device you can read the books downloaded on Kindle and no need to carry heavy books with you wherever you may go.

3. Everything with a single click

With the support of technological advancement, people can do things with a click. Earlier individuals used to leave home for booking tickets, shopping, hotel booking, banking, purchasing groceries, dining, etc. But now everything can be done online which has made our life so simple and easy.

Owing to this people leave home a lesser number of times. Today, most of them travel to another place only whenever it is quite necessary. As all other things are done online, nowadays people mostly live indoors and get very less fresh air which is not quite good for our health as well.

4. Parenting

Parenting was like teaching kids through their own experiences. Because even the books were the friends of parents and kids. There was no internet to display knowledge and information on a topic and the videos.

A number of parents use to prefer mostly the newspapers and books to teach their kids. With the advancement of technology, parenting has also been taught online over the internet. If the parents want to teach their kids, they just go online in Google search on the topic. It is a blessing to parents who want to teach their kids everything before their age

5. Quality time

Now people spend very less quality time with their loved ones as technology every time-hold up when we decide to spend quality time.  A phone call,  twitters feeds, Whats-app message may prevent you from getting close to loved one.

Individuals who are on vacation can’t interrupt themselves from checking their Facebook photos, status, twitter feeds, etc.

There are some examples of how technology has forever changed our lives and thoughts.

 1. Technology has Murdered the greeting card

People are no longer paying postage to send out birthday cards or new year cards as e-card, text, or email has that covered.

2. Our Loving date

People online dating has been around for a while, and a number of people are using Google to get see if their date is a dud.

3. Sharing Events and Knowledge

People are no longer using the traditional route of sharing knowledge and information. Social networks now permit us to share pretty much anything, anytime, anywhere. Technologies have built plenty of opportunities for everyone and the advanced generation of our future. However, now it vulnerable us how to utilize it and not get much addicted to Technology.

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