Try 5 Useful Email Marketing Platforms For Your Business Newsletters

Try 5 Useful Email Marketing Platforms For Your Business Newsletters

Ever since businesses have gone digital, their objectives are also increasing rapidly. A business actually grows with its customers and clients. Businesses in this digital age, are seeking ways to expand and reach out to as many clients as possible.

Traditionally, many businesses started with television ads, as a means of reaching to a large number of consumers for the purpose of trading their products and/or services. Later, the popularity of social media platform took a wide turn. Since individuals of all age groups have access to social media, various businesses took this as an advantage to sell products, render services and improve their businesses as well.

Today, the trend of business newsletters play a significant role not only in trading products or services to consumers but, in building a long-term relationship with consumers as well. This goodwill is important for every successful business.

What are newsletters? Newsletters are intimate news and updates about a business’ products, services, reports, new offers, discounts for products or services and other activities that are usually sent periodically in emails to consumers.

You must have noticed, when you visit a website, you are asked to sign up for free in order to receive newsletters from the website periodically via email. Newsletters are a medium of keeping consumers updated with new updates regarding products, services, and other activities.

5 Email marketing platforms for your business newsletters

If you are running a business and have a website, you may probably want to find out how you can create and send newsletters to your subscribers and make your business more popular and ever-growing.

Here are some of the popular email marketing platforms that will help you create business newsletters, which you can send to your subscribers in emails periodically.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is a popular email marketing platform for small business owners and freelancers, who want to reach a lot of subscribers for their products and/or services through their newsletters.

This service is offered to businesses both as a free account and premium account. It offers various featured tools, including automating tasks and creating newsletters with pre-included templates. You can use MailChimp when you have to send newsletters to a couple hundred subscribers.

2. GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing software platform for your business, allowing you to send business newsletters, online surveys, and campaigns to your subscribers. This software platform is offered to businesses as a 30-day free trial and premium software packages.

The premium software lets you send business newsletters to more than 2,500 subscribers. It has features that let you create landing pages, build auto-responders and create newsletters with customizable email templates. You can also create webinars with GetResponse.

3. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is not only an email marketing software platform, it is also a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for small businesses. This software tool is offer for a 14-day trial package and can upgrade to a premium package for a fee.

It has many features that allow businesses to send interactive newsletters. It has integrated email marketing, sales and marketing automation and a CRM tool that lets businesses manage their consumers and newsletter subscribers.

4. Camp Monitor

Camp Monitor is a little different than the other email marketing platforms. Here, the number is not focused on subscribers rather. It is focusing on the volume of emails that a business sends to its subscribers. It also lets businesses track their email marketing campaigns using their devices such as PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone.

This email marketing software is available to small businesses for a 30-day trial and premium accounts.

5. TinyLetter

Although not the last one on this list. The TinyLetter email marketing software platform is a free product offer by MailChimp to small businesses and freelancers. However, being a free software platform, TinyLetter offers only the basic features of sending email newsletters to subscribers.

You can either use your own email client or use the TinyLetter’s editor for sending newsletters to your subscribers.

Take your pick

These various email marketing software platforms offer one or more common features to small businesses and freelancers.  Allowing you to send newly created and customized business newsletters to your subscribers.

If you are still not sure as to which one you should go for. Then how about opting for their free trial version packages. while the free ones are, of course, free.

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