7 SEO Facts You Should Learn About It

SEO Facts

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You are living in a Google-dominated world. Apparently, the search engine giant has more information than the god has if at all there is something called “God” as we all know. Well, that is seriously irrelevant because you still do not know some SEO facts that are relevant to your business. Then, who cares about the irrelevancy of God and his derivatives, do you?

Are you looking for SEO in Agentur, Zürich? Well, then the below mentioned are a few important factors that you need to know. Only pro-SEO guys know it, but not all the people who pay for SEO and digital marketing campaigns are aware of it. Let’s have a look.


1. The video is better than the text:

The YouTube has been one of the best sites with the highest page ranking and it has managed to retain that frontier for a long time. The study suggests that the videos on your page improve your page ranking. In addition, the video search will account for 80% of the total share by the end of 2020.

2. Unique content is the name of the game:

Do not get worried about the duplicate content penalization. Well, duplicate content is not advisable but the search engines do not penalize you for that but what they do is filter duplicate content to bring the new and relevant ones for the user.

3.The blog love:

More than 80% of companies consider blogging as an integral part of their SEO strategy it is a great way of enhancing the SEO results

4. The organic search is still the winner:

More than 70% of the internet users trust the organic and natural search result than the paid ads. Well, if you are going for paid ads, you can still make sense because 20% is still a significant amount. But the combination of both is more appropriate.

5. The Social media factor:

The search engines consider the social media factors like the shares, likes, and views. In fact, these factors are added in their algorithm. Hence, the social media reports should be analyzed like the backlink analysis.

6. Rich snippets are fallacies:

Google has made it clear that the rich snippets do not impact the search engine ranking. Well, they might be helpful in some other way but as far as the page ranking is concerned it is not true. So, stay away from the snippet idea.

7. The off-page SEO garners better result than the on-page SEO:

The off-page SEO accounts for 70% while the on-page SEO stands only at 25%. The off-page SEO is more complex, yet effective. Probably, you should be thinking a way out of this tricky situation.

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When you search for SEO Zürich, you need to understand that SEO is no more a secret affair. If anyone tells you otherwise, make sure that you find another organization, some things are not so obvious, but that does not mean that it is a secret trade or some scientific occult practice.

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