10 Motor Companies Whose Self-Driving Cars Are Preparing to Dominate The Road

Self Driving Cars

The 21st century is, by far, going to witness the domination of self-driving cars in the years to come. Few companies have already started manufacturing self-driving cars with artificial intelligence (AI) that will be used specifically for public transport. Many other companies are joining the race with their concepts that will soon be turned into reality.

A couple of years ago, many people might have heard about the launching of self-driving cars, which were still undergoing various testing processes before finally getting the green signal to hit the roads. The project for making self-driving cars have been greatly appreciated by many. Soon, the time will come when the biggest tech giants will deploy their autonomous vehicles on the roads for the general public.

Of course, the software system that is installed in such vehicles will act as the self-driving cars’ core functionality. Gear up to witness the self-driving cars of these 10 companies when you are out on the road.

1. Google

It’s no longer a surprise why Google is included in the list of motor companies which is all set to complete the testing phase of its newly awaited self-driving cars in just a few years.

We all have known Google as the biggest online search engine and a tech giant. Now, it’s making its way up by manufacturing self-driving cars with advanced technology for sensing the world around it when on the road. It is predicted that Google’s self-driving cars will be out on the road by 2020.

2. Tesla

Google is going to have a tough competition with Tesla motor company’s self-driving cars.

The company has been installing and upgrading their vehicles with unique features and functions. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk had proposed the launching of their company’s self-driving cars in the year 2018, but it seems that there might be a delay in launching their technically advanced and “no driver” car.

Currently, Tesla’s project is following regulatory procedure before their cars are finally out on the roads and cruising around, with or without passengers.

3. Ford

Ford motor company has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of its many consumer vehicles and one of my favorite, the Ford Mustang muscle cars. Now, Ford has joined the game and is getting ready to bring to us its self-driving cars. However, the exact date and year have not been announced yet, but we hope that in a year or two, we will see Ford’s self-driving cars dominating the road.

4. Uber

Uber started its services not many years ago, as a public transport service. Passengers would hire their service cabs for their daily commute, or share rides with other passengers, who had a common destination.

Now, Uber has decided to collaborate with car manufacturing companies to develop self-driven cars. Uber has joined hands with Volvo and Ford motor companies and has invested quite a lot of money to make their dream come true.

Let’s hope for the best.

5. Toyota

The Japanese car manufacturing company Toyota is all set to introduce its self-driving vehicles by the year 2020. Toyota is known for having produced over thousands of categories of vehicles for almost all purposes – general public, sports cars, heavy-duty vehicles, etc.

Toyota is preparing its vehicles with their latest artificial intelligence (AI) equipment and powerful operating system for the better and accurate functionality of their self-driving cars. Once all the require the tests are complete, their cars will grant permission to rev up their engines and hit the road.

6. Nissan

Nissan is looking forward to completing its development phase of commercial self-driving cars and might be ready to launch their autonomous cars in the year 2020, the same year as that of its competitors.

At present, their focus is mainly on the technological advancements and smart software systems that can easily handle all the basic as well as unpredictable controls. It is known that Nissan is going to use the ProPilot feature capabilities for making their cars be driven autonomously. For this to succeed, the company is also carrying out all the required tests before committing to their deadline.

7. Volvo

Among the other companies, Volvo has currently produce semi-autonomously driven cars, as the company is focussing towards safety. Their vehicles are testing public roads in China. It is currently a driving campaign.

The company is also working its way up to produce fully autonomous vehicles, which will launch in a few years’ time.

8. BMW

The manufacturing company of the BMW series cars is also not left behind. The German company has already included certain smart technologies in their BMW series cars. Now, is preparing self-driving cars with added artificial intelligence (AI) system features.

By the end of this decade, their self-driving cars will be out on the road. Their project is currently undergoing testing.

9. Audi

Another German automobile manufacturing and widely popular company, Audi, is working on its self-driving car project. So, It is believing that Audi is the first company to have receive a driving permit for testing their self-driven cars on the roads a few years ago.

By 2021, Audi might be ready to have its autonomous cars on the public roads like the others. It’s just a matter of time.

10. Honda

Another Japanese-origin automobile manufacturing company is not the last on the list. The company has been performing various tests on its self-drive cars before the vehicles are giving the green flag.

The company’s getting ready with its safety precautions to ensure. There are no glitches in the system software and feature capabilities when rolled out on the public roads.

Thus, this is the list of the top automobile-manufacturing companies that have taken a step forward. That is on the verge of creating a revolution in the 21st century with their so-called “self-driving” vehicles.

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