Apple WWDC Live: Legacy of apple still continues

Apple WWDC

There were lots of rumors for apple’s 2018 product in the market but the recent launch put seal on those. Apple reveal the significant changes in the latest event of apple wwdc. They are adding tools to get your information addiction under control to continue their legacy. It also reveal the new software for there watches(walkie-talkie) in apple event 2018 live. Apple unveiled improvement to iOS 12 the new version of the iPad and iPhone operating system have improved speed, bug fixes and other improvements. The new version of Apple’s web browser will make it more difficult for other sites to track you.

Apple’s care about your time:

  • To help you from phone addiction in the recent apple conference 2018 apple introduced new features on iOS 12. With an enhanced version of Do Not Disturb (this feature enabled to detect if a person is driving than hide distracting notifications. It also sends automatic responses to text messages to let the other person know you are busy works on artificially intelligence).

  • Screen time app this helps the customer to manage the time spent on their devices. In this you can also add limits on the use of certain apps. Screen Time will also be helpful for parents to place limits on how their children use their iPhones.

Apple Introduced Siri Shortcuts:

Apple unveiled its new short cuts for siri that helped there user a lot in apple conference 2018. There was a announcement about a feature that lets you create command for some specific apps. Apple new feature give the ability for there user to make shortcuts across multiple applications, similar to the routines capability that Alexa and Google Assistant allow for and also offer suggestions on your phone or watches like a fitness app or other.

The bigger news from the last year’s conference was the Home Pod. Siri enabled speaker made its first appearance at WWDC with plans to hit on store before 2017 holiday but later they changed into early 2018 and home pod hardware turn out to be extraordinary but siri’s feature still seams limited on comparing to their rivals Google Assistant and the Amazon’s Alexa and the product is also criticised for its price.

Apple always come first for your privacy:

In the apple wwdc event Timothy D. Cook also revealed that there safari browser would disable various tracking software. That most of the advertising companies like google, facebook, yahoo embed in there websites to track the user’s activity.

The software is often embedded in various tools to share content on third party sites. There are some other feature in browser suppose if you want to share some article from some other site direct to your facebook account. Then you have to manually allow the software to track them.

Apple also revealed that it will become more difficult for those companies who track user’s by using different technology popularly known as finger printing. There are other several changes are done to prevent from getting the location of the user. As the user’s privacy always one of the main objective of the apple.

Apple is more focussing on privacy focus tech firm. Unlike google and facebook which rely on their users data to dell ads while apple’s main focus on its main objective to sell devices to there customer. Make sure that there data is in safe hand. So there main focus is privacy which become a central selling point.

Apple watch as “walkie-talkie” :

The apple watch is most trending watch when they were announced. People like a lot because of its simple and unique features and they modifying at particular interval. Now the new flashiest WatchOS 5 feature is the new Walkie-Talkie app it seems like a tool. That could be equally good at home as on the go. In the recent feature of apple watch on tapping on the top of the top of the watch suddenly it turns into walkie-talkie. It sounds like the instant-communication wristwatch which was introduced in apple event 2018.

Changes in software speed issue:

The new operating system iOS 12 was focused on speed said by apple’s software head Craig Federighi. The update the increases the speed of iOS in many features like browsing, camera. On comparing to the previous results apps launched two time faster in iOS 12.

Every apple device that run iOS 11 can also run iOS 12.

Our privacy is in safe hand because day to day we are more moving towards cyber platforms. We are dealing on cyber platforms like banking, ordering anything, saving our classified data. So there should be a proper arrangement for this and apple is more focussing on our security rather than selling our information like facebook or google.


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