WordPress vs Blogger Comparison 2018

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When it comes to blogging we have lots of choices to create a blog.Two of the main platforms for heavy text-based blogs are WordPress and Blogger.

Here is the helpful comparison for which you want to decide before starting to publish content on the internet. Identify which of them is simpler and more beneficial to design a blog. So in this guide, we will share a quick comparison between of WordPress vs blogger and also reveal which one is beneficial for certain conditions and how?

WordPress vs Blogger
WordPress vs Blogger

We simply want to highlight the differences that can advise users to select which platform to use, according to what is created and how it requires to publish. We will try to show them in an easy way,  that everyone can read them.

Blogger: Why and Why Not?


Blogger is a free Google service that located in the cloud. It is a free web distributing stage from Google. It is excellent for sharing data, news or news in a snappy and clear path, available to any regular customer. Make a blog and design it just takes a few minutes. It is very useful when you just want to start to share your thoughts with people. Open it in very simple, you just need to register with your Gmail account.

That is good when you want to blog in straightway but not for money and you need a simple platform like blogger. And there is always a but. At the same point, if you are blogging for business(money), building professional, or for branding yourself, Blogger is not the perfect option. This is because you have limited command and control over visibility in search engines. It provides limited features and also blogger yet lacks in SEO optimization.

Blogger: Why?

  • The biggest blogging platform
  • Owned by Google
  • Free of cost and reliable
  • Allows Adsense
  • Domain linking
  • Provide free themes in many sites
  • You can hide your identity
  • SEO is nice, code strings can be attached to the code of the site
  • Easy set-up level.

Blogger: Why Not?

  • It looks abandoned, less to none updates/upgrades
  • Not certain future
  • Limited control on our site
  • Widgets are less and un-updated
  • There are no custom tools for SEO
  • Mobile ability is very poor
  • Mobile apps are extremely short
  • Dead blogs community
  • A limited set of templates
  • A less attractive user interface
  • Not offers any interaction with Social networks
  • Moving your site is a complicated task.

WordPress: Why and Why Not?


WordPress is a content management system. It is according to the modern studies the most famous tool for building blogs, 51% of blogs use it, while 37% use blogger. Now there are more and more great companies that decide to manage their blogs in WordPress. You use it as an owner You have all the power and control in your hand it’s totally up to you when you will shut down or how long you will work it.

WordPress has all types of theme for your business. It doesn’t matter what your website is about, you will find high-quality themes on WordPress which are easy to modify and customize.

Also, You have all the authority that what data you want to share with the third party. You can customize it according to you. Also, You can adjust the Font, Background, theme and many more, but of course, it’s not free. You will have to purchase a Domain and hosting from hosting site. WordPress is used for any purpose personal or professional.

If you are thinking to build a blog with the mindset of getting it popular and promoted, make money from blogging through it, you should go for the self-hosted WordPress blog. WordPress is far superior.

WordPress: Why?

  • Very easy to use
  • It has a brilliant future
  • Mobile and SEO friendly
  • Easy and basic customization
  • You can add new features
  • Open Source software
  • Free- Only requires WordPress account, premium available
  • Make money from blogging
  • Look professional
  • Thousands of free and premium WordPress themes
  • Active community
  • You can move your site anywhere you want
  • powerful customization.

WordPress: Why Not?

  • Technical requirements required
  • No custom URL in free mode
  • Limited free themes
  • No free traffic
  • Quite secure
  • Costly to keep your website update
  • Lots of updates
  • Planning is needed.

Find Out Your Needs

Depending on your blogging experience and the kind of blog you want to create, both Blogger and WordPress are good options for beginner and experienced users. Blogger is easy-to-use analytics help users understand where their traffic originates, and users can easily link their sites to their other Google accounts. It has been almost longer than WordPress, as it stands, the site has not improved much over the years since it was bought by Google. It is popular among bloggers who want to create an online record or journey, captured cool time, highlighting big moments, such as group vacations, abroad travel, and marriages. The easy-to-use analytics help users understand where their traffic starts, and users can easily link their sites to their other Google accounts.

WordPress and Blogger
WordPress and Blogger

While WordPress manages to be more successful and famous with slightly more advanced users, the CMS has more targeted by beginner users with their easy-to-use writing tool and step-by-step setup directions. WordPress allows you the option of updating to more advanced plugins and high-level themes. Standing world’s most famous content management system, thousands of companies around the globe depend on it. The prospect of WordPress is brilliant and sparkling. So It’s great for those who want to establish a large and unique blog for business.

Final Words

Therefore, we have discussed comparison WordPress vs Blogger. It’s important to figure out why you want to start a blog and then go from there. Both tools work very great for blogs and are very stable, but, WordPress continues to have a turning growth compared to blogger. Blogger has various limitations that WordPress doesn’t have.

We hope this guide will help you to choose the best platform for your business If you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your Peers!

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