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As now we are the end of 2018, have you ever think about what is the upcoming future of Digital marketing in 2019?

More and more people want to get online information hence making digital marketing. It is the best way to reach out your targeted customers. The digital marketing view that envelops SEO, internet-based life, PPC, content marketing and also is understanding an exciting move – which teams can never again ignore. Businesses now need to use new Digital Marketing Trends to succeed in their efforts. 

Digital Marketing Future

With the needs and demands of the market changing consistently, it has become popular and important for the marketers and businesses, doesn’t matter business is small or large. In the modern position of Marketing, we can assume that we need Everything. It’s not just because of rapid growth but also because it has a bright future the way growth figures are increasing year by year.

2019 is going to be huge for digital marketing and other industries as well. Staying ahead of the curve requires looking forward to what’s coming next and then taking the right steps to get your business high and where it needs to be.

We have a few predictions for the Digital Marketing trends that will rule in 2019 and beyond for your successful business.

Digital Marketing Trends

1)Engaging Content:

Content is king
Content is king

As we all know that content is king in digital marketing. This is necessary, we accept. But no matter how advanced our technology and methods become, one of the most valuable things that makes marketing strong is engaging content.

Knowing the demands and needs of your users is essential to take the beat of your users. This provides you a possibility of growing a query solver for them.

After doing a thorough market research, we understood how the format of the content is changing. Previous the content used to be advertising that concentrated more on business developments. To keep the users interested with your website, write content that talks about the actual points of the users.

Some points that you have to mention in your content-

  • The information stage: when a user knows that they have a query they need help resolving.
  • The idea stage: when a user manages research to resolve the query they are facing.
  • The conclusion stage: when a user taking the right resolution for them.       

So If you want people to read and trust you, your content must prove your expertise, as well as engage, inform, educate and entertain.

2) Voice Search:

Voice Search


Voice search is not new but you will be shocked about the role it will perform in marketing in 2019. By 2020, half of the research inquiries will be voice-based. This is growing a trend in the market as clients are surprised by the support of using it.

Here are some ways voice search affects Digital Marketing

  • Use of conversational language
  • Transformation of text searches into long-tail question queries
  • Emphasis on featured snippets
  • Importance of informative and authoritative content

Voice Search

One-third of the 3.5 billion searches offered on Google every day are voice searches. Voice search totally differs from the typical desktop or mobile search.

When you start Google on your browser and type in your search question, you’ll see numbers of pages of search results. It’s not that difficult to be one of them. But when you suggest Siri a question, it will provide you with just a few results. Many times, only one. If your website is one of them, the CTR can probably be much greater. But it needs to be there in the first position. Therefore, customize your SEO strategy for voice search is important.

3) Chatbot taking over the world

2019 will be the time that brands want to begin thinking web-based knowledge bots.chatbot can do a lot for website and business.Chatbots

Chat-bots have been approximately for quite a long period, however, they’ve noticed big-time AI upgrades as of new. An ever-growing number of brands are dealing with using chatbots for customer bolster and admiring their chat-bot selling approach.

At this moment, chatbots are for the greatest part used for client advantage – 61% of customer chatbot collaborations are based on customer interest related queries. The ultimate outcome of bots is looking excellent, as well, with an awaited 85% of customer services managed with chatbots by 2020.

Benefits of Chatbot that change the game in digital marketing :

  • Enables Better Customer services
  • Improved User experience
  • Optimized Strategies

So chatbot is another way for your audience to interact with your brand.

4) Social Media Influencer Marketing


(SM)Social media influencers are becoming more and more influence. Various of which have more followers than small nations.

Doing social media influencers isn’t specifically a new trend but its value in digital advertising is growing.

We all know that social media(Instagram, Linked In, Twitter ) is playing a big role in marketing advertisement. To know how Instagram increase popularity CLICK HERE

 In the earlier brands must have influencers fully support outcomes. Still, consumers are also aware of this soon and as such are few open. And likely buyers are more possible to trust a real man above an ad about how great a certain product or brand is. This is wherever influencers arrive in.

Influencer marketing can be very useful, it may too expensive. To take the most out of a business’s marketing budget, marketers should take their influencers correctly and make sure the representatives they use provide to and give the right users. Using a powerful hashtag that somebody can easily learn and adapt will more help the campaign.

So this can increase your company’s potential for success in 2019 and beyond.

5)Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

Man-made thinking allows a necessary role of the marketing procedure now. AI can check purchaser control and analysis purposes, managing data from web-based development stages including blog entries to allow companies to discuss how customers and clients find their items and details.

7 Amazing Facts About Artificial intelligence (AI)

Man-made thought additionally allows data and advice to customers by taking into studies. Artificial intelligence is the exciting topic in digital marketing. Also though several still don’t know it’s abilities and weaknesses, this technology is becoming a shape.

Businesses getting AI in 2019 will have the capability to save costs and grow development, gaining an advantage over their competitors.

6) Street marketing

This is an unconventional way of marketing & advertising in public places likes streets. The dynamic LED screens can be used to broadcast your message around the clock. There are several companies which provide digital billboard on rent.

Final Thought   

New digital marketing trends grow to the outside year by year. Few of them stay to reshape the business; some of them hush away rather fast. Choosing these digital marketing trends soon will run you well ahead of your competition and promote your companies potential for profit coming in 2019.

So these five trends can help you achieve any marketing goal in 2019. Hope this blog will help you to understand what is the upcoming future of Digital marketing in 2019…. If you like this blog then don’t forget to share it with your Peers!

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