8 SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid

If you are a startup online digital marketing business, we would advise you do a careful research on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to build an online marketing plan. Consequently, you will get every SEO constitutes both creative and technical talents.


There is a lot of information and false information out about search engine optimization, and it can really increase the difficulty of this decision.

As we know Search engine optimization is an essential part of modern web design and development. The possibility of a website, without SEO, being found online is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. There is really too much competition online to only on search engine algorithms to bring visitors.

Importance of SEO decrease due to lack of information & mistakes

To succeed in your online Marketing business, you must avoid some SEO risks. So below are some SEO risks that will do your business more harm than good.

SEO Risks To Avoid

#1  Keep Your Page Updated

As we know very well Google loves fresh content, so be sure to go behind and check on your older content from time to time and renew it with fresh links and even content.

Keep Your Page Updated

Many pages tend to neglect this risk. It concludes your responsibility towards a content representing you as some careless user who is too lazy to update its content. An old content performs to reduce traffic of a website and also inducing the loss in business. Then, try to update your contents time to time to keep your visitors attached to your site. There is nothing incorrect with adding content to a blog post that is 6 months old So keeps your page updated.

#2 Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate and plagiarized content can harm your rankings because it decreases the all the links you used in different web pages. Google wants to serve up value to their users, so duplicate content can make you punished by Google. Regarding the fact that Copying content will lead you to face the punishment or delete of content, Instead of copying you can take ideas from other contents and make something new using those ideas.

Avoid Duplicate
#3 Page Load Time

Page load speed is a big deal. Especially with today’s users, essentially using their mobile phone to reach the website. People want their information quick because they are busy …. they just need tag information now. Your page speed and load time are important to the user experience and also for an important SEO factor.

Page Load time

Optimizing your page load time is an excellent way to help users get where they’re going faster and satisfied customers are more easily turned into sales. Users who are disappointed by a slow-loading site are expected to jump and visit your store once, leave and will never return.

#4 Poor Doorways Page

Doorway Pages are simple to build but should be avoided in order to avoid disturbing your customers. Even google prevents its use and tends to punish sites for using them. So, Google is reason enough to avoid it. , Doorway pages are easy to recognize that they have been created originally for search engines, not for human beings.  Honest SEO executives avoid doorway pages as a rule because Google greatly dislikes them and punishes sites that use them.


The only time Google will let doorway pages slide is if they submit different, clear and helpful content and information to the site visitors.

So avoid doorways page in your site.

#5 Keyword Stuffing

You should never use the wrong keywords in the hope that making so will boost your SEO performance. keyword stuffing is still an offensive SEO risk that some brands and marketers try to use to increase their search visibility. As You stop writing for readers view and start writing for search engines. This generates a poor sense for your visitors and will send users away from your page and its increase your bounce rates.

if you stuff your page with useless keywords, it won’t increase your chances of ranking higher. It will decrease them. As Google’s guidelines tell, Focus on building useful, information, rich content that uses keywords properly and in context. So try to avoid keyword stuffing and improve your SEO plan in the correct ways.


#6 Rejecting Neutral Backlinks

Building backlinks are all about getting reliability. you may both get or give links that support to make your reputation. But you can get links that are neither bad nor good. This types of links are called neutral links because they neither harmed not benefit your site. you should not ever reject such links. It makes sense at times to keep them because they may turn out to be useful later. You want good backlinks to your website, not bad backlinks.

Neutral backlinks may provide your website the SEO boost.

In fact, with Google’s Penguin update, some punishments for bad backlinks because the search engine understood that the websites themselves don’t have to control over every site. As a result, it is difficult for a site to be punished by Google for hateful backlinks.

if no strict action has been taken on your website by Google, the backlinks on your website are safe and secure, though they may not be high enough quality to boost your site’s search rankings. If you attempt to deny all your neutral links, you risk possibly blocking sites that can improve your ranking.


Back links


#7 Hiring Bad SEO Company

Hiring bad SEO companies will lead you to problems. This tends to occur with startup businesses mostly, they are to find SEO companies and experts. Most companies get the advantage of your new status and cheating with you. So, try to do analysis on them and think 100 times before choosing.
bad Company

Hiring an SEO expert or SEO company is not a simple task especially when you’re still trying to find what SEO actually is. Do not work with any SEO who promises anything related to search engine rank. Not hiring a good SEO company will result in the decrease in your business than growing it. So, it is important to hire a good and trustworthy SEO company.

#8 Deleting Entire Page From Your Site

If you recognize that you should delete a page due to some changes in your products, then you need to think again before Deleting it. Every page of your site has particular keywords. The pages help to boost your overall rank because of those keywords that they have. If you delete a page, you will face trouble with the keyword balance of your site.

Once a page is deleted, the keywords it once ranked are now left. The same situation occurs to the URL of the page, which also includes those particular keywords. Try to avoid deleting an entire page. You can Simply drop a message on the page for the user that redirects them to a related page with a related product.



So these are eight SEO mistakes that you should avoid. SEO is very important for any business to succeed. But there are many risks to avoid and it’s challenging to keep up with the almost daily changes from search engines. You should avoid the risks if you take them, you may lose your SEO performance.

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