Minecraft Servers: List of Servers & Updation

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox computer video games in the world. Minecraft has a great feature ability to play with other people online through the use of a web server. Unlike the Minecraft game itself, the server software is free to use and download. So, anyone can host a server. This installation is very simple as the Minecraft server is a java application. Read below how to update a Minecraft server.

What is a Minecraft server?

Minecraft server is a type of game server that you can create and explore a world made of blocks. Its feature is a multiplayer mode that allows playing game with other over the internet on a private or public server. It is very popular to play world games such as multiplayer or solo. For you, to play the game as a multiplayer, you have to host or rent the server. Minecraft server hosting is the example of a dedicated game server that is specially designed for a gaming website. This game is placed on different servers around the world. Some popular Minecraft servers are

  • Hypixel
  • Mineplex
  • Extremecraft
  • Mineheroes
  • Desteria
  • Minecraft Central
  • UberMC
  • PrimeMC Network
  • Jartex Network

These all are the most popular Minecraft server which is commonly used for game purpose on PC/Mac. We have defined below these servers.

  1. Hypixel

It is one of the largest and highest Minecraft server networks in the world. Which has to feature original and fun games such as Sywars, fun wars, Bedwars and many more. To play on the hypixel server you will need to have a Microsoft account for  PC/Mac which can be purchased on the official Minecraft website.

Hypixel Minecreft server


Year establishedApril 2013
Country of originUnite States
FoundersMinecraft username: Hypixel and Rezzus
Total No. of unique playersOver 7,000,000

2. Mineplex

It is one of the world’s largest Mineplex server in the world. It is a game server and founded on 24 January 2013 by two players. The feature of this minigame is customized heavily wooded multiplayer maps with different challenges. It offers 40 games at Mineplex.


Year establishedJanuary 24th, 2013
Country of originUnite States
FoundersMinecraft username: Sterling_ and Spu_
Total No. of unique playersUnknown players, possibly millions, over525,000 users are registered on the Mineplex forums.


It is a popular server in the Minecraft server which has many players play at a time. Extremecraft get almost 2000 votes per day. These votes are the players that vote for what they think for the best server. Players are allowed to vote once in a day and receive rewards on the server for voting. ExtremeCraft is the fourth place ranked in the top 10 Minecraft server. This ranking is based on the amount of vote which has received.Extremecraft Minecraft server


Year establishedJanuary 24th, 2013
Country of originUnited States
FoundersDelta force
Total No. of unique players530/3000 Players

4. Mineheroes

Mineheroes is the latest version server which has mega-network offers. And it offers factions, OPFactions, prison, skyblock, creative 1v1 PVP, OPPVP.

Mineplex minicraft server

Year establishedSeptember 2001
Country of originUnited States
FoundersSanger and Wales’s status
Total No. of unique players586/2500 Players

5. Desteria

It is one of the longest-running Minecraft factions networks. And it has many features

  • Auction house system
  • Hourly boss fight
  • Custom tokens system. Mobs drop tokens.
  • King of the hill
  • The capability of destroying  with 5 TNT hits
  • 99.99 uptime, lag-free experience with no expense
  • Custome classes with perks. Knight, pirate, assassin, mage

These all are features of desteria. We optimize our gameplay to the full extent and keep players in mind. And we prefer experience or performance over players, and purchase the highest possible hardware available to host servers.

Desteria Minecraft server


Year established8 June 2005
Country of originUnited States
FoundersChris Byers
Total No. of unique players215 / 2000  Players

6. Minecraft Central

It is also known as MCC  central or MCC. It is a Minecraft multiplayer server. Minecraft server allows 1.8 and the higher client to join but runs at 1.8. The development of Minecraft central started in 2013. This server has already spawned in September 2013 and most of the minigames working. On 18th March 2014, the spawn was changed to MCC.

Minecraft central


Year established4 August 2018
Country of originUnited States
FoundersJack Declan or Packerfan Gamer
Total No. of unique players1382/10000  Players

7. UberMC

UberMC is the server that has 1000 players. Ube follows the server EULA. It has 99.3% uptime. It has many features like uber friends, donator Box, GUIs.

Uber friend- Create a friend list, join their server, and earn points.

Donator box- 40 donator features across all 13 server types.

GUIs – custom GUI for your favorites (creative, factions).

UberMC minecraft server


Year establishedMarch 2011
Country of originTexas
FoundersHermon Dobson and Paul Burton
Total No. of unique players400M total players, and 100M monthly active user

8. PrimeMC Network

The PrimeMC network is one of the most popular network. It is a community-driven and provides high-quality game modes with frequent updates such as survival, factions, prison, skyblock.

PrimeMC Network


Year establishedAugust 1994
Country of originUnited States
FoundersDaniel sold
Total No. of unique players2000+ Players

9. Jartex Network

Jartex network is used only for the PC version of the Minecraft server. It allows cracked Minecraft version. So, join without a premium account.

Jartex Network


Year established14 July 2014
Country of originUnited States
Total No. of unique playersApproximate 500+ Players

How To Update Minecraft Server

If you want to update your own Minecraft server. Then, we suggest that you consider these tips given below so you can make your server best.

Step1  Open your Minecraft server folder: Details how to open

Open your Minecraft server folder: Details how to open

This is the folder that contains all of the files for your server.

Step 2  Create a backup of your essential configuration files: How to create a backup

How to create a backup

  • Make copies of the files into other locations. And then, you can restore them after updating the server.
  • banned- ips.txt
  • banned- players.txt
  • ops.txt
  • server.properties

Step 3  Copy your world: How to copy the file without losing it

Create a backup of your essential configuration files

  • Place this copy with your backed up configuration file so, that you can restore the file update and access your saved world.

Step 4  Copy your start script of a batch file

Copy your start script of a batch file

  • If you use to script to start Minecraft, make a copy of it to another location. You can restore later to start your server easily.

Step 5  Delete everything in the folder: How to delete backup in the folder

delete everything on the folder

  • If once you have backed off your files to another location delete everything in the Minecraft server folder. The old file causing a problem with the new installation.

Step 6  Download the new server file from Minecraft.net.

Svae file

  • Go to the  minecraft.net/download and then download the server file for your operating system.
  • If using Windows, download the EXE file.
  • If using OS X or Linux download the jar file.

Step 7  Copy the new server file into your Minecraft server folder.

Copy the new server file

Step 8   Rename the server file

Rename the file

  • If you use a batch file to start your server. You will want to rename the new server file so, the old script still works. Then, remove the version number from the end of the new server file to make an old script compatible.

Step 9  Run the server file

Run the server file

  • Click dobule to the new EXE or jar file to run the new server. Then, It will create all the files which need to run.

Step10.Close the server

Close the server

  • As soon as the files are finished being created then close the server.

Step 11. Restore your backed up files

Restore your backed up files

  • Move your script, file, and world folder and back into the Minecraft server folder.

Step12. Open the eula.txt file

Open the eula.txt file

  • Find the eula= false and change it to eula= true. Save the file and exit the text editor.

Step 13. Start your server

Start your server

  • The update process is complete.


In this article, we have mentioned some popular Minecraft servers. Running your own Minecraft server is fun and rewarding. Minecraft server gives you the tools that are used to manage your server quickly and easily.

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