4 Pro Tips for Successful Customer Onboarding

Tips for Successful Customer Onboarding

Companies routinely spend sizable portions of their budget on marketing. They pull out all the stops so that they can develop huge social media followings and become a recognized brand. Then, when a prospective customer actually shows an interest in what the company is offering, they end up bungling the deal and the person just goes elsewhere.

It’s not a good idea for companies to pour all their resources into advertising and then just forget that customer onboarding is just as important. If a business doesn’t know how to properly get customers to sign up long-term, they will be unable to establish any type of solid base.

For those who are still not convinced about the importance of getting the aforementioned process right, the following are some stats that will do the trick.  According to HubSpot, 75 percent of new users are gone within the first week, while somewhere around 40 to 60 percent of users don’t bother sticking around once the free trial is done. To prevent your business from being yet another entity that can only make a good first impression and nothing more, you can follow the tips included below.

Successful Customer Onboarding
  1. Create a Clear Roadmap for Your New Customer

There’s a reason why freshman orientation is a thing. Without it, many of the new students on campus will just be wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do because they don’t know the place and are too intimidated to ask the older students. 

It’s the same thing with your customers. Just because they’ve signed up for your service, that doesn’t mean they know exactly what they need to do.

The onus is on you to guide them through the process and get them successfully acclimated.

Make sure to give them a clear roadmap of what’s coming over the next few days or weeks. Let them know if they have to do anything or if you’ll be sending some things their way.

By defining that roadmap right away, you are effectively giving your new customers an idea of what to expect while also enticing them to hang around longer because there are some good things coming soon. 

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  1. Provide Your Customers with Immediate Rewards

Remember that around 75 percent of customers can go away within the first week, so what’s the best way to counter that? You can give them immediate rewards.

Proper care of clients onboarding process steps, for reducing the complexity of work.

Show them that your business is more than capable of delivering the product or service they seek and that you can do so within a short amount of time. No one ever complains about getting what they wanted earlier, so there’s little downside to doing this as well.

  1. Give Your New Customers a Reason to Stay

Now, you can’t just give away everything for free though, especially if the customer has only signed up for a trial. Otherwise, no one would ever bother to sign up for anything beyond that free trial.

This is why it’s important to make it clear that signing up long-term is going to be a good move for them. 

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The key here is to balance what you’re giving away for free and what you’re offering only to paying customers.

In gaming, certain titles have managed to become incredibly profitable even though they are free-to-play. That’s because customers can freely enjoy the base game and receive some nice cosmetic enhancements if they decide to make a financial investment.

That kind of business model can also work for effective onboarding.

  1. Personalize the Customer Experience

So, let’s say that your customer has stayed past one week and has even paid for the full service after going through the trial period, how can you make sure that the individual will re-up later on?

To increase the chances that your customer will stick around for good, you have to personalize the experience for them.

Allow them to set up their accounts the way they want to. Give them the power to alter their plans according to their needs and preferences. Assign them an account manager who will work with them every step of the way.

With everything set according to their wants and needs, there will be no reason for the customer to decline what you are offering.

Client onboarding letter gives faith to the user for further business agreements.

Investing in advertising is a good move for any business, but it has to go hand-in-hand with an investment in onboarding as well. Your focus should not only be on attracting customers. It should also be on showing them that your company is one worth partnering with long-term.

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