Major Difference Between CPU and GPU

We are living in the 20s century the era of technology. Computer and laptop both are the most used electronic devices.CPU and GPU are an important part of these devices. These are known as the brain of the PC.

Now the question arises is what is the difference between CPU and GPU. Most of the people confused to understanding the working of CPU and GPU. So today here, we are going to tell you the Major Difference Between CPU And GPU. Come with us for a closer look!

What is CPU?

What is CPU?

The CPU (central processing unit) of a computer is usually called the “brain” of a computer. It’s a combination of millions of transistors that can be formed to perform an excellent variety of calculations. A standard CPU has between one and four processing cores clocked anywhere from 1 to 4 GHz.CPU is consist of transistors, that takes inputs and generates output. Transistors make logical operations which are called processing.

Components Of CPU:

Components Of CPU:

There are basically three main components Of CPU

1) ALU ( Arithmetic Logic Unit): An arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is a digital circuit applied to execute arithmetic and logic operations. Examples of logic operations are measurements of values such as NOT, AND, and OR gate. It describes the basic building block of the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer.

2) Control Unit: A control unit is a part of Computer Processor that delivers services within a computer’s processor. It allows the computer’s logic unit, memory, as well as both input and output devices.The purpose of a control unit to run the complete computer. And control unit is run by the guidance saved in RAM and ROM.

3) Registers: The register is used to immediately accept, store, and transfer any data and directions that are being used quickly by the CPU. This data is further utilized by the Control Unit. Basically, a register is a short-term storage location that the CPU can reach quickly.

How Does A CPU Work?

How Does A CPU Work?

Working of CPU is consist of three parts:

1) Fetch

2) Decode

3) Execute

Whenever some data or instruction is asked by the user, the CPU moves it from the RAM  and might any other device for the determination. Now before giving the data back to the RAM, the CPU examines the data associated with the responsibility given to it. After examining the data, the CPU starts to calculation and conveying the data. Before the data is more executed, it has to go by the System BUS. A bus on the computer is a message system that is used to give the data from all the elements of the computer.

Function Of CPU :

  • Fetch Instructions
  • Interpret Instructions
  • Fetch the whole Data
  • Write Data
  • Control the timing of information flow
  • Control the storage of data
  • Give commands to all components of the computer
  • Performs all the calculations

So that’s all about CPU ( Control Processing Unit). Now let’s take a look at GPU.

What is GPU?

What is GPU?A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a computer chip that gives fast mathematical calculations, essentially for the view of providing images. Graphics Processing unit helps the computer run smoothly. A GPU is a processor created to manage graphics operations. This includes both 2D and 3D calculations. It is extremely specialized in dealing with images so it can prepare them very fast. Its main duty is ensuring content displays and performs on your computer screen or monitor perfectly.GPU is of two types Dedicated and Integrated graphics.

Components Of GPU :

Components Of GPU :

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is the heart of the Graphics Card.GPU is the main part of the graphics card where all the graphics processing takes place. A GPU processor is built up of thousands of little cores or units.

Functions Of GPU :

  • Do calculations related to 3D
  • Specialized for display Functions.
  • Renders images, video, and animations for the computer’s screen
  • GPU is designed to perform floating point operations

So that’s all about the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

Now take a look at their differences…….

What’s the Difference Between a CPU and a GPU?

              CPU                 GPU
Control Processing UnitGraphics Processing Unit
Low Compute DensityHigh Compute Density
Can Perform the Multiple tasksSpecialize only for Image rendering
Great For Task ParallelismGreat For Data Parallelism
Few complex CoresHundred Of Simple Cores
More FlexibleLess Flexible
Low SpeedHigh Speed
Need More MemoryNeed Less Memory
High memory ConsumptionLow memory Consumption
Really Fast cachesLots of math units

That’s it.

We have discussed the difference between CPU and GPU. Both CPU and GPU are an important part of a computer. They both have a similar purpose but are used for different task.CPU and GPU both are important to run a computer perfectly.

Hope that this blog helpful for you to learn the difference between CPU and GPU. If you have any question regarding this guide, feel free to tell us in comments. Also, don’t forget to share this info with your Peers!

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