Best Wireless Earbuds: Brands Budget and Premium

Best Wireless Earbuds_ Brands Budget and Premium

Wireless earbuds as the name itself clearly show, here we are talking about the wireless earbuds available in the Indian market. There are a lot of changes that have been seen in the market in the past for a long time, such as cutting out of wire, use of the noseband and the reduction of the reason. You get a lot of options in the market which is offered with a tag of wireless headphones/ earphones. But in the earbuds, you do not get any kind of wire sighting, so they are truly called wireless earbuds.

It is being very small in size due to this there is no risk of losing them. The company also provides the case with them which protect them from being lost as well as charging. So let us bring some great wireless earbuds for you which can easily purchase and enjoy the best audio output.

Best Wireless Earbuds list in 2019

1. Apple Airpods

Apple has always been known for offering the best product. The company introduced airpods last year is still one of the best earbuds. It is ranked first on our list due to its long battery life and attractive audio quality. The build quality and sleek design of airpods make them even better.



In Apple airpods, you get a semi-open fitting which means that you do not get much noise canceling besides. It is not ideal for high base music. On the other hand, you also hear a crystal clear voice with the finest instrumental music in them. It’s battery life provide  3 hours of music after about 15 minutes of cover charging.


Connector – N/ACable length- N/AInline remote and Mic – N/ABattery life- 5 hours

(+19 with case)

OS  support- iosBluetooth- yesNoise cancellation – NO


Reason to buyReason to avoid
  • Nice tonal balance
  • Sophisticated sound
  • Flawless wireless tech
  • Lack of sound isolation
  • No buttons
  • Sound hard up when pushed

2. Bose sound support

Apart from Apple’s earbuds, second place in or list is the bose’s sound support earbuds. It is available in attractive price with good build quality along with a good looking color option. It also gives an excellent grip like other headphones of the company. The biggest feature of these earbuds is that you can use Siri or google assistant available on your phone.


It also gets with semi-open fitting like airpods. There is a slight reduction in noise-canceling. But if you talk about the features from controlling the bose connecting application you can also search for them with the “Find my Buds” features. Talking about the battery backup, it provides 5 hours of music playback easily and the case also gives you 10 hours of charging time.


Connector – N/ACable length- N/AInline remote and Mic – N/ABattery life- 6 hours

(15 hours with case)

OS  support- Android iosBluetooth- yesNoise cancellation – NOPrice – 13275/- at amazon


Reason to buyReason to avoid
  • Comfortable
  • Fun sound
  • Strong wire performance
  • Less than stellar battery life

3. Jabra Elite Active 65T


If you want to listen to music while running or gym then the Jabra elite active 65T offered by Jabra is one of the best earbuds. The main feature of the elite active 65T is its build quality and improve sweat resistance. You have given a physical button instead of a touch-sensitive button that controls much easier.


You will not have to hear much noise, due to a very good grip on the year. If you listen to music in the loud sound then the people around you will not have any problem. You have been given 5 full EQ so that you can adjust the voice according to your choice. Talking about the battery backup you can get 5 to 6 hours of playback if once charged.


Connector – N/ACable length- N/AInline remote and Mic-N/ABattery life- up to 5 hours

(15 hours with case)

OS  support- Android iosBluetooth- yesNoise cancellation – yesPrice – 14999/-


Reason to buyReason to avoid
  • Loud sound
  • Build quality strong
  • Best use for Running or gym
  • Battery backup less

4. Samsung Gear IconX (2018)

Samsung Gear IconX

The Samsung gear iconx (2018) is one of the best wireless earbuds available in India. Their design is much better and if you look at the brand name, making quality is very strong. No ear cancellation is provided in this earbuds. But if you set well in the ear you will not hear any external noise. And you can customize the sound profile through the application available on the smartphone.


These earbuds provide you with the backup of 4.6 hours apart from which the charging case also provides charging so you can use them almost all day. Apart from this, 4GB of storage is provided so, that you can listen to music without your smartphone. It would not be wrong to say that this proves the best earbuds available in India.


Connector – N/ACable length- N/AInline remote and Mic-N/ABattery life- up to 7 hours
OS  support- Android iosBluetooth- yesNoise cancellation – NoPrice – 14999/-


Reason to buyReason to avoid
  • Balanced sound
  • Rhythmically and dynamically adept
  • Long battery life
  • Coarse upper high

5. B&O Play

B&o play

If you do not have any price limit and you want a premium audio experience, then B&O play earbuds can prove to be a good option for you. It is a premium quality earbuds with a very unique design regardless of price. It also looks much better with the leather coating.

You can use 3 silicone earbuds tip according to your ear. You can also give the facility of audio customization with the beoplay application on your smartphone. But it does not give you many features as the Gear IconX G application. But if you use your Beoplay E8 with a tight-fitting is very attractive audio is capable of delivering output.


Connector – N/ACable length- N/AInline remote and Mic-N/ABattery life- up to 7 hours
OS  support- Android iosBluetooth- yesNoise cancellation – NoPrice – 14999/-


Reason to buyReason to avoid
  • Facility to audio customization
  • A unique design
  • Leather coating
  • Old features

6. Sony WF 1000-X

All the earbuds mention above give you much better music experience, but Sony WF 1000-X earbuds have a different experience. It has the facility of noise cancellation which makes it very attractive over-ear headphones. It has a much better performance with its design and good price.

Sony WF 1000-X

Apart from noise cancellation, you get a battery backup of only about 3 hours. But due to the charging case provided, you also get the option to charge it anytime. The only drawback here you have not been given any  kind of volume control, only the play and the pause button is provided


Connector – N/ACable length- N/AInline remote and Mic-N/ABattery life- up to 3 hours 9 hours with charging case
OS  support- Android iosBluetooth- yesNoise cancellation – yesPrice – 10790/- at amazon price


Reason to buyReason to avoid
  • Excellent with timing and dynamic
  • Truly wireless
  • Decent noise cancellation
  • Occasional wireless dropout
  • Battery life could be better

7. Jaybird RUN True

Jaybird RUN True works on both IOS and android device platform. These earbuds specially made keeping in mind the players. Their making quality is also very strong but light in weight due to this there is no significant effect on your ears.

Jaybird RUN Ture

You can use them comfortably in any season due to dust and water resistance. You get a battery backup of 4 hours and with a charging case provided, you can get 1-hour backup with just 5 minutes of charge. Apart from this, you can also adjust the sound through the application on your smartphone.


Connector – N/ACable length- N/AInline remote and Mic-N/ABattery life- up to 4 hours
OS  support- Android iosBluetooth- yesNoise cancellation – NoPrice – 24499/-


Reason to buyReason to avoid
  • Sound adjust
  • Water resistance
  • Not any Reason

Working of Wireless Earbud

Wireless earbuds are connected to a smartphone, Tv, computer or laptop without any physical connection between device and wire. They use Bluetooth to work by using a signal to directly transfer sound. They have the same range of Tv remote but their high portability makes it suitable for listening.

Types of Wireless Earbuds

There are two types of wireless earbuds

1 Wireless Earbud

These are very popular and they work very commonly to normal earbuds except there is no physical connection between the earbuds and phone. A receiver is present in the wire through that the data is transmitted through the drivers. They do have a wire between the earbuds to connect them which makes different from truly wireless earbuds. It is work by connecting with the device you want to use through radio or infrared signal.

Wireless Earbuds

It is cheaper than true wireless earbuds. These can be of the piston type, bullet type or in-ear type.

2 True Wireless Earbuds

The truly wireless earbuds are the best earbuds available in the market or online. They have no connection of wire between them.

True Wireless Earbud

The Bluetooth receiver is also present in the form of a receiver. They are the most convenient as they are extremely portable and easy to use. It is more expensive than wireless earbuds.

Buyer’s Guide for Wireless Earbuds

Firstly as we mentioned that the two types of wireless earbuds- Wireless Earbuds and Truly Wireless Earbuds- They both have a great sound quality and comfortable fit.

Bluetooth and earbuds have great demand these days. If you are preparing to buy new earbuds then, we are going to tell you that they choose the best earbuds

Battery life

Most of the wireless earbud has charged once it goes to six hours without charge. This does not apply in the case of truly wireless earbuds. In some earbud battery backup is 12 hours on a full charge. We suggest that you should take this kind of earbud in which the battery backup is 8 hours.

Sound Quality

There are many people out of there assuming that good sound quality is related to how loud the sound but to simplify the answer sound is defined by how clear, well mixed, well mastered and produced a music piece.

Price range

The second thing that how much money you spent to buy wireless earbuds. You can get wireless earbuds from a minimum range to high range. Some of the special brands that you can consider like Samsung, apple, sony, Jabra.


Wireless earbuds have become very important for everyone’s life. The wireless earbuds are allowed to enjoy music while traveling, relaxing, and also during a workout session in the gym. There is a different variety of wireless earbuds available on the market, which makes confusing for the buyers. This article hopes to help every buyer who wants to buy earbuds in making the right purchase.

Here we come to an end of the article, the buyers guide before choosing the top 7 wireless earbuds provided by us.


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