Best 2D Animation Software For Beginners [Free and Paid ]

Best 2D Animation Software For Beginners

Animation is a form of art that has captured the imagination of humans for quite a long time. A 2D animation has given humans the freedom to represent new possibilities and new words in a creative and more appealing way. 2D animation software creates movement in a two-dimensional artistic space. The  2D and 3D both animations are the latest software while these are suited for professionals, as well as some are generally user-friendly to beginners.

So, we take a detailed look at 12, best 2D animation software for beginners. Before let’s have a brief about 2D animation software.

What is a 2D animation software?

2D dimension software is one of the major types of animation. It’s widely used for creating storyboards, and backgrounds in a two-dimensional environment. It also used to make animated movies cartoons, marketing videos, advertisements, games, and educational materials.

2D animation uses bitmap and vector graphics to create and edit animated images.

If you make a carrier in the field of passion so, it can be a very good way for your carrier.

Top 6 free 2D animation software

Here we talk about the top 12, best 2D animation software. So, there are many 2D animation software which is not only free of cost but also equally effective and competent. So we discuss the 2D animation tools for creating a video. This time is very demandable for animation videos. And we can create an attractive animation video for using a 2D animation software tool. The list we have created today includes the top 10 free and paid 2D animation software. So take a look below list.

1. Synfig

Synfig is free and open-source 2D animation software. This software is based on a computer animation program. It began the custom animation platform for voria studios. Synfig provides the approximate 50 layers to make simple or advance the animation. So, don’t worry about its limitations.

Synfig 2D animation software


CompatibilityWindows, Linux, and OSX
AdvantagesIt offers more than layers to make simple and advanced animation
DisadvantagesSome tutorial are available in the market to start making animation for beginners
  • It supports multiple layers of content
  • The bone system allows the creation of cutout animation from bitmap images.
  • It has sound support to allow for the addition and syncing of narration and music to the videos.

2. Opentoonz

It is a software for the production of 2D animation software. We can use this software for free. And the user can modify the source code to add specific features to this simple animation software. Opentoonz is inspired by Software ‘toonz’ developed bu digital videos S.P.An Italy.

Opentoonz 2D animation software


  • It has the ability to change the picture quality
  • You can add distortion and light effects
  • It’s compatible with white and black colored scan
  • GST scanning tools
CompatibilityWindows and OSX
AdvantagesYou can use a plug to make beautiful animation software without editing.
DisadvantagesThe UI design of opentoonz is outdated as compared to other animation software

3. Maefloresta

The beauty of this app is that you can use with a smartphone, android or ios tablet to create 2D animation software.

Maefloresta 2D animation software


  • It is easy animation software with tutorials
  • Maefloresta is a free download app that works on smartphones and tablets.
  • Intuitive interface that beginners can use easily
CompatibilityiPhone and Android
AdvantagesIt is free to use and easy to start the introduction, even for kids
DisadvantagesYou will need to email its staff to get the installer online which is inconvenient some times

4. Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D is an open-source and free 2D animation design software to help to create videos. It is a program that can help beginners.

Pencil 2D animation software


  • You can make a minimalist design to make animation easily.
  • Cross-platform compatibility with free download.
CompatibilityWindows, Linux, and OSX
AdvantagesIt offers many languages like English, Spanish, and Portuguese language tutorials to use.
DisadvantagesIt does not support shape tools like drawing

5. Plastic animation paper

Plastic animation paper is one of the best 2D animation software. It offers powerful tools to convert your ideas into beautiful cartoons. It provides you real-time suggestion and easy process that helps you to analyze your concept to a particular movement quickly.

Plastic animation paper 2D animation software

  • It helps you to easily draw with a pen from your hands.
  • Once you finished drawing then, you can save in a different format viz, PNG, AVI, TGA, GIF, and other formats.
  • It has the ability to define the quality of the image.
CompatibilityWindows, PC, OSX, Mac, Ipad
AdvantagesIt allows importing and exporting videos and frame stacks.
DisadvantagesIt has nothing to report

6. Animaker

Animaker is a program that is based on a cloud making video app. Animakers helps everyone to create an animated video with high quality. This is the web-based software and very easy to complete with it.

Animaker 2D animtion software

FeaturesPopular video style in one tool

It creates videos in handcraft style, infographic style, 2D videos, whiteboard videos,

PriceFree and paid both plans are available in animaker
CompatibilityWindows, Linux, and OSX
AdvantagesIt has many varieties of infographics to use
DisadvantagesIt is a slow

Top 6 paid 2D animation software

1. Toon Boom Harmony

Toon boom harmony is the professional 2D animation software. It may take time to learn, but it is worth using. It has vector tools and bitmap for creating art, and the option to create multiplane scenes with Z-depth. Its compatibility with Windows, Linux, and operating systems.

Toon Boom Harmony 2D animation software


  • Toon boom harmony cut out animation tools
  • It uses 2D and 3D integration to make professional animation.
  • It has advanced color palettes and painting options
  • Toon boom harmony is a revolutionary vector and bitmap drawing technologies.
PriceThe first 21 days of using this product are free and after 21 days you will need to pay. And it’s cost is $109 per month.
CompatibilityWindows, Linux, and OSX
AdvantagesYou can make 2D and 3D both animation with models
DisadvantagesIt can take a few times to learn how to make 2D animation for beginners.

2. CelAction 2D

This app wants to create unique and complex 2D animation for your upcoming projects. It is the type of product that helps to create wonderful and professional animation. This app is designed for beginners and intermediate users, but it has also advanced features that a professional would want.

CelAction 2D animation software

  • It is easy and fast for professional users.
  • This app handle complex project in easy method with thousand of layers.
  • It works with all modern window machine- 34 and 64 bit.
PriceCelAction 2D cost is $1300 for one single license
CompatibilityWindows, Linux, and OSX
AdvantagesCelAction 2D is fast to use with low system requirements.
DisadvantagesYou can draw animation itself. So, you need to import all words from third party transfer.

3. Moho Anime Studio pro

It is a software program for creating 2D movies, cartoons, anime and cut out animation. It has everything you need to make amazing. This 2D animation is affordable and designed for flash style animation.

Moho Anime Studio pro animation software


  • It enhanced the freehand drawing tools
  • Multiple layers for animation at the same time
  • Smart wrap features help to create custom meshes to bend and twist your animation.
PriceIt cost is 399.99 for the full package
CompatibilityWindows, and OSX
AdvantagesIt updates regular new with advanced and newest features to use
DisadvantagesIt is not user-friendly for beginners

4.  Stop motion studio

This studio is a powerful, full-featured movie editor. You can easily capture content whether you change up the focus, exposure or white balance. There is DSLR support so you can use your high-end camera with this professional software.

stopmotion 2D animation software


  • It is easy to upload in one click on Facebook and Youtube.
  • DSLR camera support for creating perfect 1080P recordings.
PriceIts cost is $59.99 to download the software on to your PC.
CompatibilityWindows, OSX, ios, and android.
AdvantagesYou can use it to build in sound to make your animation unique.

You can also record voice.

DisadvantagesYou can only use to make 2D stop motion animation.

5. FlipBook

Flipbook is easy to use for beginners who want to improve the editing experience. It is the most powerful video editor that you can make 2D animation with various functions like sound, animation, scanning, etc.

FlipBook 2D animation software


  • Changes will be made when you change the animation. So, the flipbook is fast to use.
  • 10 layers in animation for adding extra touches.
  • You can use a scanner to import the image.
PriceIts cost is $19.99 for flipbook lite, $49.99 for flipbook studio, $149.99 for flipbook pro, $199.99 for flipbook pro HD.
CompatibilityWindows, and OSX.
Advantages2D animation can make a powerful video from drawing, scanning to sound
DisadvantagesYou do not make changes in it.

6. Reallusion Crazy Talk Animator

Crazy Talk is the maker of the 2D animation for professional users. It supports controlling character with expression and lip-syncing. It is popular among educators, marketers, and YouTubers.

Reallusion Crazy Talk 2D animator software Animator


  • It captures real-time face expression with precise changing
  • You can make 2D visual effects for advance users.
PriceUSD199.99 for the pipeline, USD 99 for pro
CompatibilityWindows and OSX.
AdvantagesIt captures real-time face expression with precise changing
DisadvantagesIt integrates with photoshop to import and export videos.

Advantages of 2D Animation Software

  • Easy controlling–  People control it very easily without any tutorials.
  • Saves time-The production lead time of 2D animation is less and it produces very fast.
  • Low production cost-2D animation is cheaper as compared to 3D animation software.
  • More focus on the gameplay -It gives low importance to design. And focus on the gameplay.
  • Simple and work without complexity– 2D animation software involves less technology.

Disadvantages of 2D animation Software

  • Less demanded– As compared to 3D animation, people prefer to like 3D animation movie. So, 2D has less demanded.
  • Economic reason– In some cases, you can create 3D animation in less money and time due to modern technology.
  • It looks boring– Traditional animation some times look boring.
  • Time is money– It consumes time to create 2-dimensional templates.


We have discussed the best 2D animation software for beginners. Creating a 2D animation software video is a lot easier when you have the right software available to you. You have already script and storyboard in mind, but now you can realize your vision in unique ways.

Before you understand it, you will create the best 2D animation software videos free and paid that are expert quality. Moreover, if you require to update these animations, FilmoraPro is your best chance. This is one of the top all-in-one animation and video editors for both Windows and Mac computers.

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