Troubleshooting Basic with QuickBooks for Mac

Quickbooks Mac: It is financial accounting solution for small business and accounting professionals. The solution allows users to create professional invoices, track sales & expenses and manages account payable. Like: Notification bar in Mac’s menu bar  &  Sync contacts with their Mac OS address books. Don’t want to waste your time? Call our toll-free QuickBooks support number to get instant help.

Step 1: check the version of Quickbooks Mac & Mac operating system. Then update the QuickBooks. Repeat the activities that have been causing trouble in your company file. If the problem does not occur in the sample, then your company file may have data damage.

Step 2: check disk permission Open disk utility  Application–>Utilities –>Disk Utility. Select your Mac hard drive and click the repair disk permission button.

Step 3: Delete the QuickBooks user-level preference file.

NOTE: Need to reset preferences next time when launching QuickBooks & create a new user account & open QuickBooks while still logged into that new account. Open your company file and use it. The QuickBooks mac behavior does not match according to this behavior, this might indicate that your regular Mac user account is corrupted. If the sample company file still misbehaves Such as lists and reports are still missing names or accounts.

For example:-See the article list damage in QuickBooks for Mac: Symptoms and Cures for steps to fix that problem. If, in spite of file crashes, report errors or displays wrong information, it may have data damage.

How to BackUp your company files in QuickBooks for Mac:

Step 1:  Launch QuickBooks for Mac

Step 2: Go to QuickBooks → Preferences

Step 3: choose backup Again some option for backup you see

Set QB to automatically backup the company files every few hours or a once a day. Set QuickBooks to automatically every time you close your company file.

How to open your QuickBooks for Windows file in mac:-

Note: Be familiar with what data is converted from QuickBooks for Windows to QuickBooks for Mac.

On your Windows computer:-Open the company file you want to convert. Choose file → Utilities → Copy company file for QuickBooks Mac &  follow instruction & QB creates a mac .qbb file.

Copy the .qbb file for a CD or USB drive or some other media.

On your Mac: copy the .qbb file for document folder. choose file → open company → Select the .qbb file & click open. Click OK if you want to restore a QuickBooks for window file. Enter a name for a restored file & click OK. For more information:- How to opening you QuickBooks for windows file in QuickBooks for Mac

How to convert a Quick Books file from windows to mac

STEP 1: Open data file in QuickBooks 2012 for windows & choose File –> Utilities –> Copy company file for QuickBooks mac to save the file as a .qbb backup file.

STEP 2: Send the .qbb file to the mac user by a CD, USB drive, or I Disk.

STEP 3: Choose File –> Open company –> Select the .qbb file and click open.

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