8 Tips To Give Your Home Video an Impressive, Professional Makeover

Is that, you frequently shoot videos, but not getting that polished and elegant professional appearance? If so, you will certainly aspire for the probable ways to give the desired makeover to your videos. It is a fact that, if your videos have to get the maximum engagement with the audience, you don’t have options other than giving a perfectly crafted look at these resources. Of course, there are the Free Intro Maker Templates that you can utilize to accomplish this plan. Paragraphs underneath shall guide you with simple tricks and tips about adding a professional flair to your videos.

Tips To Give Your Home Video Professional Makeover

Tips To Give Your Home Video Professional Makeover

1. Ensure that you are using the back camera at all times

Though this is the thumb rule for creating videos, this is a point that you are likely to forget. Though the use of a rear camera is advised across various instances, however, nothing works better than the traditional approach of using the back cameras, if you want your videos to feature a polished, professional look. Shifting to the camera at the back, you will add more of a landscape orientation to the photos that will make it appear classy and elegant. While speaking to the camera, you require looking into the lens and never on the screen.

2. Focus and Stability

The basics of creating the fascinating video are to hold the camera in a stable manner retaining its focus. In the majority of the devices in contemporary times, there is the inbuilt feature for stabilizing the image that aids in keeping the video steady, though it comes with its own limitations. Remember, if you are shooting while on the go, it is likely that you will shake the camera. This is a point that you must remember, while you use Invideo, the video intro maker for YouTube. Therefore, focus more on shooting videos in a static Mode. 

3. Ideally, record your videos in the Landscape mode

 Aspiring how to make your videos all the more impressive and elegant? You need to do a simple thing- turn the phone to the sides, and shoot the video in the landscape mode. While you opt for the landscape mode, you are creating more frames to your videos which implies that there will be less need to Pan along the left and right sides. This is one simple trick that will inevitably produce the most delightful results, and as such, you can certainly afford to rely on this traditional approach. 

4. Try to add as many grids you can

When you opt for the portrait mode for shooting videos, you are enhancing the chances of creating wonky angles that retards the look of the video significantly, the only way to escape this challenge is to add as many grids to the videos as possible. Doing this, you are basically adding a background to your videos that serves as a point of reference. For the majority of the devices, this purpose is accomplished, with some simple adjustments to the settings. When you add a grid to your video, it gets aligned against a background line to ensure that users are shooting videos straight. 

5. Lighting

This is a crucial part if you were to create a video for Facebook or Instagram. Though eliminating the issues is not a big deal, it is a fact that underexposed or dark videos trigger a series of troubles with the videos. Remember, it turns almost impossible to brighten a video, escaping the chances to compromise with the quality of the video or without the inclusion of unwanted noise. When the light is low, the camera finds it difficult to retain the adequate focus, eventually constantly drifting away from the focus. In case you decide to opt for the Automatic mode, and the light condition is not the right, the camera will start dropping the frame rate, producing jerky videos that are almost impossible to fix at a later stage. This implies you need to take special care about the lighting condition before you start shooting your videos. 

6. Dare to experiment with the angles

Aspiring to make your video completely stand-alone? If so, dare to experiment with the angles of the camera. Rather than the usual approach of shooting all the videos at the eye level, you rely more on trying the wide-angle shots, eventually moving closer and closer to the focused object. Subsequently, you can edit the shots. Alternatively, you can hold the camera over your head to shoot the action from a top view. Alternatively, you can try to shoot upward, by crouching down. You need to try more such tricks that will add a unique and exclusive touch to your videos, boosting the level of engagement with the audience. 

7. Zooming with your feet

Most likely, you will use the Zoom button on your camera, when you decide to catch an object in its closest view. However, this is not the right approach to practice. A better approach will be to try zooming with your feet. It is for this reason, the majority of the devices feature digital zoom that is likely to retard the quality of the image. In addition, the further you try to zoom higher will be the chances to capture jerky videos, no matter if you use the image stabilization feature. 

8. Make the right use of effects

Most importantly, you need to use the effects in a careful and considerate manner. Though adding effects you can spice up the video, overdoing things, you will certainly trigger irritation in the minds of the viewers. As such, ensure you are never overusing the effects, or you will compromise with the engagement of the videos with its audience. 

Besides, you need to make the adequate use of the Time-lapse feature, holding the camera steady, for longer spans. To add more drama to the video, it will be wise to use the Slow Motion mode, but you need to do that in a smart way. Besides, you should try the Cinemagraph that makes a good blending between the static and motion pictures. Trying these tricks, you can surely make your videos appear all the more professional. 

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