VPN (Virtual Private Network): Works, Uses and Security

The users of an android smartphone are increasing every day. We search daily like movies, music, video, or sign in to many websites. And you have to give your details. And then, hackers can ready to hack your details and also steal your important documents and personal data. That’s why the privacy of internet users is being taken care of these days and security has been increased. That is the reason that the VPN service is being used for such security.

VPN is a private and secure network, which allows users to access the network. For this, the network company provides an IP address and Login User name or Password. So, that you can access this network anywhere.

VPN service is mostly used in big companies. And this service is also used by online working traders, government agencies, organization, and similar people who do online business. So, that they can keep their important data safe. It can use anyone, and it changes our real IP and generate fake IP. You can use a VPN to protect and secure your important data.


How does VPN work

When we use the internet in mobile without VPN then, our device works on the local network, as we can easily be hacked by hackers and apart from that, we are not able to open a blocked website in our country. When you connected your device to VPN then it gets connected to a special network here. With the help of which you can send your data securely anywhere. And you can open any blocked website.

When the device is connected to the VPN and we open block website, the user sends the request to the VPN block and all the data is shown on your device. When your device sends a request for access to the website server, tunneling from another IP address. And send the information of the device so that the website’s server is fooled by changing the country and all the data in your device is shown.

When there is a VPN setup between you and your client, then encrypted convert file is sent to your client. So, there is no risk of your data being stolen and this is how the VPN system works.

For example when the Netflix website was not in India then, the website could be accessed only by using VPN. Because it only gave access to the network of the US and UK. For this reason, using a VPN, the network of our device used to show as the local network of another country. So, we can easily access any websites.

How does a VPN work


Types of VPN

VPN creates an encrypted connection, known as a VPN tunnel. And all the communicational and internet traffic is passed through this secure tunnel. So, keeping the user data secure and private. There are three basic types of VPN.

Remote Access VPN

It allows a user to connect to a private network and access its service and resources remotely. The connection between a user and the private network happens through the internet safe and private.

It is useful for business users as well as users.

Home users or private users of VPN, primarily use VPN services to bypass the regional restriction on the internet and access blocked websites.

Remote Access VPN

‘Site – To -Site VPN

It is used to incorporates. A site to site VPN is also known as a router to router VPN. Companies with offices in various geographical locations, use the site to site VPN to connect the network of one office location to the network at another office location. When multiple offices of the same company are connected sing site to site VPN types it is known as intranet-based VPN. When the company used the site to site VPN types to connect to the office of another company, it is known as extranet based VPN. Site to site VPN is based on the router to router communication, in this type of VPN act as a VPN client and another router as a VPN server the communication between the two router starts only after authentication is validated between the two.

Site to site VPN

Mobile VPN

Our mobile contains almost all our data and VPN service should be used to protect our data and personal information from theft. That is why we have suggested to you use VPN service. Don’t use VPN service all the time. When you have to share any personal data or send an important document, then you must also use a VPN service.

VPN is not created the same for all mobile. Sometimes their services are different. If you want to use VPN for mobile then you can use Nord VPN or private internet access to use VPN service. Keep solid and Nord VPN is the best VPN service for iPhone.

Mobile VPN

Advantage of VPN

  • In free VPN you don’t need to make any payment. You can use all the features that you would need in a VPN software.
  • If you want to open a blocked website, you can use VPN application software.
  • You can save and secure your data from hackers.
  • Paid VPN software makes your data and details more secure.
  • In paid VPN you get full bandwidth so that you can transfer data at high speed.

Disadvantages of VPN

  • If you use free VPN software then, you will have a lot of Ads shown on it.
  • In VPN software you will get limited bandwidth.
  • Free VPN should not be used for high confidential data because there are more chances of your data being leaked.

How to setup/use VPN service in computer

VPNs can also be used manually on the computer. For which you need an IP address and username and password.Which you will get both payable and free service on the internet. Here we are telling you the best way. By using this, you can secure your data and this is a free VPN service that is being provided by the opera company.

First of all, you have to install free opera VPN software on your computer, which you can download from the given link. And it can be install after downloading.

Download opera developer software here

  • When your software is installed, then open it and click on the right side menu and go to the setting.
  • After going to set you have to click on privacy and security and after, that you will see the option of VPN.
  • Here you click on enable VPN and then, you will also get VPN activated.
  • When you will complete the process mentioned above, you open your browser. And there you find VPN written in the address bar, then your VPN is activated, Now you can open any blocked website.

Application of VPN

A virtual private network involves a group of the computer working together over the internet. The main aim of using a virtual private network is to secure your connection on the internet so that no one can share information.

For appropriate checkpoint security training, you can achieve skills and knowledge to utilize virtual private network effectively. The following are some of the areas in which a VPN is applicable.

 As a student or worker

As a student from a college or worker from a company, you have various responsibilities to fulfill. If you use a virtual private network provided by your company in which you can access resources securely. When you are at home or on the journey in mostly cases VPN Provided free, so you need not shop around. This way you able to connect the internet at the airport or cafe. While in such places, you can fire up your virtual private network and prevent any chance of someone prying on your connection.

When you download files

Sometimes you can do legal or illegal downloads over the internet over the internet. You can protect your network using VPN. That is a way of keeping your network safe and secure. If you do illegal downloads that can land you in a court of law.

When you want privacy and advocacy

If you work online in a strict environment, then you can use VPN and strengthen your network. The virtual private network still helps you secure your connection by making it encrypted. And no one can snoop on your connection whether at home or at abroad


You can use VPN service to encrypt data, open block website and transfer your data to secure. Your real IP gets hidden and shown on the IP server with the help of a VPN. So, you can not be tracked by anyone. It is used in almost all operating systems.

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