Signs of a Stalker: Are You Being Followed?

Stalking is more common and dangerous than most people think and can affect one’s life in a more serious fashion than anticipated.  Most individual’s miss the initial signs of a possible stalker.  What starts as a normal relationship, a date, or even a friendship can turn into a nightmare when certain signs are missed.  People in general are trusting and have a good heart.  They do not expect others to have strange or even evil intentions.  Stalkers use this trust to their benefit and fixate on an individual in ways that are unwelcome and many times dangerous.  Leaving oneself open to stalking can be avoided.  There are several ways in which to do this, but first the signs of a potential stalker must be identified.  Stalking is considered a crime in most states in the USA, and other countries.  It starts slowly but rapidly builds into unwanted attentions and other types of behaviors that are malicious.  Both men and women can be stalkers.  Prevention of stalking both online and offline can be prevented by looking up the individuals you meet before engaging with them.  Nuwber is a site where this is done easily and in the world of today should be used by individuals routinely to find information on others.  This online search site provides access to a huge database of USA citizens and can assist in finding information on others to prevent online and offline stalking before it starts.  

There are very distinct signs of potential stalkers.  

These include but are not limited to:

Intensity of interaction.  This makes the subject of a stalker feel very at ease initially, as stalkers do tend to look someone directly in the eye when first meeting them and have a laser focus on the individual that is chosen as the object of their attention.   This usually feels very flattering at first, but as time goes on, if a person stays in an individual’s life, this can start to seem a bit “off.”  

A tendency to want too much personal information quickly.   The quest for information may include asking too many personal questions too early in a relationship or a friendship, or even searching online to find out information about someone via social media.  Social media contributes highly to stalking tendencies as a lot of information about a person can be found online without their knowledge.  

Showing up for unplanned visits.  This is especially alarming behavior if someone has not shared their home address with a stalker.  Even if someone has shared their information or been on a date, unplanned visits are a dangerous sign of asserting control and inserting themselves into someone else’s life without invitation.  

Aggressive touching or blocking an individual.  These are bad signs and people that exhibit these types of behavior should be avoided completely.  This is an intrusion on personal space that displays a real need to control someone else.  Aggressive touching includes pulling or pushing.  Blocking of one’s method of escaping another person is also overly aggressive and leaves an individual without a way to escape from the stalker’s presence.  

Calling or text messaging too often.  Most individuals know instinctively when to stop calling or texting someone.  If someone texts or calls several times a day for no apparent reason, they are looking to exert control, and are a stalker as this is intrusive behavior at best. 

Showing up at places a person frequents.  Whether home, the neighborhood, or other activities such as restaurants, bars, clubs, or even the gym, “running into” a person repeatedly is NOT a coincidence on their part.  They are stalking.  There are stalkers that lurk around neighborhoods and other places their victims frequent.  The name of “lurkers” is applied to them.   Some stalkers do not appear offline at offline activities but do most of their stalking online and can follow posts and leave online messages for the person that is being stalked.  This type of stalker is termed a “watcher.”  

Showering someone with unwanted gifts.  Yes, gifts are nice, but if received repeatedly from someone that is hardly known by an individual, there is a reason for this.  Enticing someone into their web via gifts is a common tactic by stalkers.  

Being a knight in shining armor.  This can be a male or female tactic.  Appearing whenever the person who is being stalked needs assistance can be very suspicious as the “rescue” can be set up by a stalker.  Leaving a little air out of a tire, can lead to a flat tire.  Turning off outside circuit breakers in a residence can lead to a loss of power.  The stalker will make sure that an individual can call them whenever they need assistance in bad situations.  However, these situations are often set up by a stalker and there are dozens of scenarios available to them.  They only need use a little imagination.  

Following.  In person following is an especially bad sign.  It might not be noticeable at first, but if headlights appear each time an individual pulls out of a parking space, or even if someone follows an individual while out walking, etc., this is a terrifying experience and at this point the police do need to be called! 

It is hard to tell for most people if they are being followed.  

However, stalking behavior of any type should be reported to the police so that actions can be taken at some point to stop the behaviors if possible before the behavior escalates to “following.”  Following someone is a sign of a serious stalking issue, and many instances of following generally lead eventually to some sort of violence.  Most individuals when followed think they are being paranoid, but their gut instincts should be followed to prevent harm or even death at the hands of a stalker.  It is better to be safe than sorry at any point when dealing with a stalker especially one that is engaging in following behaviors.  In one out of every five cases of stalking and following, weapons are used to injure or kill stalking victims.  Using Nuwber to effectively find out about individuals before allowing them into one’s life is a recommended  method of prevention of stalking.  More information on Nuwber exists on techtapo.  Safety comes from knowledge!   

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