MilesWeb Review: Windows VPS Hosting Designed for Critical Applications  

Have you hosted your website on shared, VPS, dedicated or cloud server? It won’t matter. While hosting your website, what matters is the selection of operating system (OS) and this comes down to either Linux or Windows. Selecting one depends on your business needs, the applications you want to run, your technical know-how and your budget.

With Windows, you get the operating system developed by the leading software company in the world, Microsoft. But being exclusive software with professional support, it isn’t offered for free. 

Windows is easy to setup and almost a complete solution that offers flexible remote desktop access with its easy-to-use graphical user interface. Moreover, it offers this without the need for using command-line programming.

Companies using other Microsoft software such as Office 365, offer clear advantages in using Windows as the native OS is completely compatible, advanced and offer other Microsoft applications. Similar is the case with using Microsoft SQL databases. Certainly, these are incompatible with Linux until you use a Windows emulator and for this, you would still need to buy the Windows OS and database software. 

Also, Windows is the solution for organizations that require using scripting frameworks, such as ASP and ASP.NET as embedded scripts in an ASP can only run on Windows servers. Linux can’t process these scripts prior to the loading of a user’s page.

Normally, Windows can be easily installed and managed as compared to Linux. But, as many companies are now using managed server hosting, this task is mostly being done by the hosting provider. Businesses that purchase an in-house system can consider Windows hosting.

Things to Check in Windows VPS Hosting Provider

Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS

In managed windows vps hosting india, the web host takes the complete responsibility of server management which includes setting up server stack, installing other technologies, implementing security patches, managing backups, fixing broken features and more. But it may cost high than unmanaged VPS as the server management is done by the web host. 

Unmanaged Windows VPS is more affordable than managed VPS but you need to have high technical knowledge for performing the above tasks.

Server Resources: Check if you are allotted right amount of resources for the price you are paying.

Tools: Ensure that the plans include features for security, backup, IP addresses,speed optimization, and network redundancy, monitoring, etc.

Support: Make sure they offer the right kind of support. You can check this by asking their support team queries about VPS. Also, see if their team offers 24/7 support.

Price: Compare the pricing with different web hosts and then select the one that is affordable as well as offers all the essential features for hosting your website.

Reputation: Check the reviews of the web hosts on different review sites and then select the one that has maximum positive reviews.

Let’s now check if MilesWeb offers you all the features.

Introduction to MilesWeb

MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting companies of India and offers different kinds of web hosting plans such as vps hosting india, shared, dedicated, WordPress, cloud and reseller hosting. Started in 2012, MilesWeb now has a customer-base of over 20,000 customers. They ensure that their customers get all the features at reasonable prices. 

Moreover, their customer support team is friendly and offers 24/7 support to their clients via email and live chat. 

MilesWeb Review


Free Website Migration: MilesWeb offers free website migration and so, you don’t need to pay anything extra. Also, they ensure that migration is done securely and all your website data is migrated to their servers safely. 

Hyper-V Platform: Their Windows VPS hosting plans are deployed on Hyper-V platform. With this platform, you can focus on things that are highly important and avoid identical work like earning and capacity planning. It comprises of built-in SSD storage for better performance and reliability.

100% Dedicated Resources: You get guaranteed Windows hosting resources such CPU, memory and storage space with your Windows VPS hosting account. Not all the resources are shared with other hosting accounts in a node.

Full Administrator Access: You get the flexibility to control your Windows VPS hosting activities. You have the freedom to host multiple websites, install any third party applications or software or even use it for data browsing with the completely managed Windows VPS.

Plesk Control Panel: They offer Plesk control panel with their Windows VPS to manage websites, databases and emails easily.

Latest Technologies: Your business website need to be updated and so, their Windows VPS plans with latest ASP, IIS, ASP.NET, FrontPage Extensions,PHP and also provide database support as well as monitoring of MS SQL and MySQL.

Easy VPS Upgrades: They enable you to upgrade your VPS whenever you want without the need to change the assigned IP address. They ensure that there isn’t any data loss during the upgradation process.

Affordable Price: They offer reasonable Windows VPS hosting packages and are best for those who want to have complete admin access to the website.

Powerful Hardware: Their Windows VPS servers are powered with the strong hardware that offers the best performance and reliability. This makes their Windows VPS platform the most suitable for the high traffic websites.

Customer Reviews

MilesWeb Review


MilesWeb Windows VPS hosting plans are not only affordable but also, cater you with all the necessary features needed to run your Windows VPS website. Also, you can easily host your mission critical applications on their Windows VPS plans and run them smoothly.

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