How to Convert PDFs to Excel?


The PDF is a portable document format. This versatile format can store files that cannot be altered but need to be conveniently exchanged and distributed. PDF is a powerful and flexible document format, but for editing, it can be hard. You can also render scanned book pages editable using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Do not waste time manually copying texts and tables from your PDF files to the spreadsheets; let’s start with online conversion tools. StarzSoft PDF WIZ is one of the best tools or websites to do many types of file conversions.  

Using an electronic converter that isn’t mounted on the computer is one of the easiest and quickest ways to modify a document’s format. This tool is best because it is cross-platform and accessible from every device or mobile linked to the Web. An online converter is straightforward to use as it devises step-by-step directions and a user-friendly interface. Any new user can process documents quickly, even if they have little experience dealing with solutions of this kind.

What is the standard conversion process?

You can perform the conversion procedure with any converter by following these simple steps:

  • Click the “Select” file button.
  • Pick out the PDF file from your computer drive and put it into the box using a simple drag and drop function. 
  • After uploading the PDF document, click the “Convert” button. Select the “Excel” button from the file choices on the tab that appears next. 
  • It will convert the PDF documents to Excel pages right away. Use various tools and features to download the new file to your device, or start editing. 
  • After completing the editing, save the result.

You can perform this process for an unlimited number of times, although some converters would give a limited period to access. Keep in mind that saving the document in a transformed format is necessary right after it is over. As per the latest technologies, materials and spreadsheets are encoded and decoded, and the provision of the software is extremely safe.

Best Conversion Tools

Here, we will provide details of the two best free online PDF-to-excel conversion tools.

  • Small PDF Tool 

It is a widely used converter and makes it easy to transform PDF documents within seconds to Excel spreadsheets. No email address is required or no need to install any software. It’s straightforward to convert excel spreadsheet files into PDF, as it can be done from your Microsoft office. However, it can be challenging to reverse the process, particularly if you want an editable excel sheet in exchange.

Luckily this online converter is going to do exactly the same trick. You don’t have to insert an email ID either; it’s just as easy and simple as you can imagine. 

Conversion Procedure

  • Navigate to the online PDF to excel converter on SmallPDF website
  • Drag and drop PDFs into the toolbox
  • It will start extracting your data into Excel format immediately
  • Download your file from the result page

Other Functionalities

Some of the other functionalities of SmallPDF converter are as follows: 

  • Data Preservation

The online tool has integrated the most sophisticated OCR system to ensure that rows, columns, and data are preserved in your Excel files. You can easily upgrade, modify, and enter additional information. The Excel file should be fully editable.

  • Additional Tools

Spreadsheets come in different forms, and apps will process information up to 5 GB per page. You can use many helpful tools such as compress, delete, edit, and merge before uploading the data to convert from PDF to Excel, accelerate the conversion procedure. 

  • Compatibility

This tool is compatible with platforms like MacBook, Windows, and even Linux. Likewise, if you have a PDF on your phone, use your mobile browser to pop it up into the online converter, and it should be great to go.  

If you cannot access an excel file on your mobile device, you can download and save it locally. Otherwise, Dropbox and Google Drive will be better solutions to export documents to specific portals. 

  • Soda PDF

The Soda PDF web software allows you to quickly and conveniently transform every PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet. This smart converter tool can assure seamless conversion from PDF to Excel. When you convert your PDF document to an Excel file, each page in your PDF becomes a separate Excel spreadsheet.

This simple converter will understand the tables’ rows and columns within your PDF document and turn them into tables in the new Excel format. So if your PDF was transferred initially from an Excel document, then your current file will be pretty similar to the original. You will be able to access the modified Excel document just like the earlier one. 

Conversion Procedure

  • Navigate to the online PDF to excel converter on SodaPDF website
  • Choose a PDF file from your computer, or drag-and-drop it to the upload window. You can also upload files from cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. 
  • After converting your document, open your Excel document by downloading it to your device and opening it on your screen. You will also receive a link to your document via email, which will only be accessible for 24 hours. 

Other Functionalities

Some of the other functionalities of SodaPDF converter are as follows: 

  • Retained Format

In the latest Excel document, the structure of your PDF will be preserved. To cover spaces from the PDF document, blank cells will be added, and the original colors, borders, and fonts from the PDF will stay unchanged.

  • No Replicate Formulas

Because PDF documents represent no mathematical formulas, the translated Excel document does not replicate any formulas.

  • Convert Back To Original PDF

Do you want the original PDF? When your Excel file is modified, you can use online tools for free Excel to PDF conversion tool to turn it back into a PDF document.

The Bottom Line

I presented a few of the best and most popular ways to convert PDF documents to excel spreadsheets. I strongly recommend using StarzSoft PDF WIZ converter as a PDF to excel or excel to PDF file converter. I am sure you would like the conversion tool and you will not face any file conversion problems throughout your remaining life.  

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