How to find out whether you are downloading illegally?

Downloading illegally

Creating content involves a lot of hard work and creativity. It takes day and night to come up with what the viewers need. Many people are involved in the creation and expression of the whole work. And people deserve the payment for their effort, which in simple terms is called Copyright, i.e., whenever a person downloads content, then the creator of this content gets paid for their work. A lot of money is used, many devices are considered, and a lot of time is invested. But, people love entertainment without investment. They run behind what is free, without actually realizing that downloading things for free can be illegal at times.

Downloading illegally

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There are some obvious reasons due to which people get into illegal downloading:
These days it is in trend to stay updated with all the new things that are available in the market, but people usually don’t like to pay for the entertainment. Audios and Videos: These days many new songs and videos come on the internet, which appeals to the mass audience. To maintain a good playlist sometimes people knowingly or
unknowingly download illegally.

TV Shows:

Nowadays, everyone is aware that there are many premium channels, which broadcast many shows but want you to pay first. But, not everyone likes this concept and try watching these shows by downloading illegally.


Love for books never declines, but nowadays books are now available online as well. PDF can be downloaded, and the whole book can be read without even purchasing it. The author, who has put so much effort in writing, will expect a good pay for his hard work. But, people download and read books for free, and follow an illegal path.

Deciding whether it’s illegal or not:

Human beings are intellectual beings. We can easily think of how we feel if someone takes our things without our permission. The same logic applies to the content people download from various websites. Ask yourself, whether you are the owner of the data you are trying to download? And if you are not the owner of the content, then do you have the consent of the owner of that content to download it. And eventually, you will get the answer, whether
whatever you are trying to download, is legal or not.

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There are some ways to download content on Torrent networks:

Not every content on Torrent networks is illegal. Sometimes requesting the owner of the content to Permit you to download the content can also turn out to be fruitful. Hiding your identity is also one way to stay safe. Some such service providers are Tor, VPN, Proxy Server, Virtual machines, Rapidseedbox, etc. With the help of these service providers, we can protect our IP address by using their public IP address while downloading on Torrent network, some of them replace your IP address with theirs.

Downloading illegally
Downloading illegally

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People create content with a lot of dedication. For those, who can afford to pay for a subscription to the channels, or for the work of the content creators, then they should choose that path.

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