How To Choose The Right Domain Name

Domain names are very valuable for businesses, blogs or for any website. Picking a right domain name is important for any website. Your domain name is your identity on the web and its first impression your guests will see that tell about your site and business. For example, if my website is about Beauty Product so I named it using words related to beauty like or something related to beauty product.

How To Choose The Right Domain Name

Choosing the good and right domain name for your website is important for your progress. If you choose the incorrect domain name, then it can be a trouble later. So that’s why it’s very important.

In this guide, we will be going to share some things that you should have in mind when choosing the right domain name for your website.

Some Helpful Tips To Choose The Perfect Domain Name

1. Make It unique, Short & Simple

Your domain should be short, easy-to-type, and have a clear pronunciation.  Keeping it short makes it great. Never choose the name that can easily confuse with your opponents’ domains because it can get your traffic loss. Always choose a unique name for your website. It’s a safe idea to keep your domain name below 15 characters. Large domains are difficult for your users to learn.

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So You want a domain name that is simple to read, unique, short and remember. Try to use no weird spellings in your domain name, no complicated words as part of your domain, or any other punctuation.

Make It unique, Short & Simple

2. Always Go With .COM

According to Research, 75% of domains have the “.com” extension, second is “.net” and third is “.org”. It is the most favored extension and also the easiest to remember.  People are more familiar with .com domains, they will default to typing ‘.com’ into the browser address bar. They are unlikely to learn your extension if it’s weird. Everyone will always find a website is a .com.
So “.com” is the most common and easiest to remember.

Always Go With .COM

3. Use Keywords

Keywords perform an essential role in a domain. keeping a domain name with proper keywords is a great idea because it will give an idea to the users about your products or services on the website.  Using keywords in your domain name, you can also tell the search engines what your website is on. So Try to use keywords that represent your business.

Use Keywords
By using keywords in your domain name Not only improve your rank on search engines, but it also makes more sense to your customers. You will need to combine keywords with other words to make a perfect Domain Name. Having keywords in domain name also increases your search rankings much faster, which also helps improve website traffic.

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4. Avoid Hyphens

To keep things easy and short avoid using hyphens because most of the people learn the domain names that don’t have hyphens in the domain. Hyphens are usually mistaken. No one likes to type domain names that have one or more hyphens. So Never create a domain name including hyphens.

Avoid Hyphens

People don’t know that you are using a hyphen and they often confuse or forget the dash. Stay away from hyphens at all. Make the name express for itself.better to have without the hyphen, For example, domain: is greater than

5. Avoid Numbers

Adding numbers would only add an unknown element that can make it more challenging to learn. If you want to grow your business, it’s essential for your website’s domain to be simply recognized. Avoid numbers because they create trouble at times. Suppose I tell you spoke to open then you can get confused whether you have to type or

Avoid Numbers

Hence, keep it simple by not using numbers as they build confusions. Your domain must have one word or one group of words.  It’s hard to orally give a domain name that has a number. When someone tries one of these domains it’s difficult to understand if the numbers are written out as words or are numeric.

6. Make It More Brandable

Your domain name is the first impression of your company in the form of a URL. Hence, you should make sure it really seems like a brand name.

 Make It More BrandableChoose a domain name that makes it sound wonderful and Relevant. Brandable domain names are unique, engaging, and memorable. For example, “” is a much more brandable name than “”.So your domain name will be your brand, choose it correctly.

7. Use Domain Name Generator Tools

This is a different kind of helper that you can use if you’re finding it tough to come up with a good domain name, and by extension, your business name as well. There are multiple domain name generator tools available online that you can use to create domain name ideas.

Use Domain Name Generator Tools

List of such tools are:



Bust A Name

Domain Name Soup

Lean Domain

These tools will show you a large number of ideas, and that will make your work of picking a good domain very simple. These tools are very easy to use, but also surprisingly effective.

8. Check Out Trademark & Copyright

If your domain name violates on a trademark, you could be prosecuted and forced to give up the domain. Before you register your domain name, you can check to see it breaks any trademarks or not. So Be careful about trademark/copyright violations.

Check Out Trademark & Copyright

You can use your personal name in the domain name. It’s tough for someone to create a trademark/copyright case on you for using your own name. So always make sure the name which you picked is not trademarked, copyrighted, or used by other company.


Choosing your right domain name can be a very challenging and tricky task. As you know the Domain name is the most valuable part of the online business because that simply tells your user and the search engines who you are and what is your business about. So take some time and choose the right domain for your business.  It must be small, simple, professional, and easy to learn. We hope these tips will help you to find the right domain name that matches your branding and service, and also creates a great amount of traffic.

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