Should I Fix My Broken iPhone Or Just Buy A New One?

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In the present-day scenario, every month there is a new phone from every other brand. You bought a new one a few days back, and now a better version of it is already out! It’s baffling, and mind-boggling, especially if you break your phone!

DIY repair kits with manuals are available these days, but you need a steady hand and some experience with that or else it’s a total fail. So, most people prefer getting it done professionally once they have cracked their screens. Besides, getting genuine or even compatible iPhone repair parts anywhere is common now. But, at an Apple store is very difficult to find, and so going, a cheaper route is not an option!

AppleCare and other phone companies provide repairs only for up to 1-2 screens and no more. So, unless your phone has insurance, you’re doomed.

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Here we have discussed a few factors that will help you decide whether to fix your old phone or buy a new one:

  • Firstly, compare the overall costs of repairing your phone and buying a new one in the same budget. iPhone screens range anywhere between 80-500$ depending on the model, service shop and originality, and are the most expensive in their class. But it is also cheaper getting another screen rather than upgrading to a new model as iPhones are very costly. So, watch your budget and proceed accordingly!

  • If water has damaged your phone screen, then you should get a new one because water damage affects even the interior of the phone. Hence, there is very little chance of its survival.

  • Do you need an upgrade? Then the iPhone 7 or 8 are your answer. The iPhone 8 is a waste of a model according to us with absolutely no new features! The iPhone 7 has no headphone jack, being otherwise the same as its predecessor with minor tweaks. Moreover, phones get release every few months! It is impossible to keep up with so many models. So, if that’s the case, get your iPhone 6 or 7 fixed.

  • If your screen is cracked, but the led behind is working, then it is best to get it fixed; that goes for any Apple product because they’re already so high up in the price range. Most people take months to save up and buy an iPhone. So, it is not advisable to buy a new one in such a case.

  • Batteries of iPhones decay by 20-25% every one or two years, depending on the use; this is also due to some of the software updates that purposely slow down the battery to force users to buy the new model instead of getting a new battery that is also extremely expensive. So do your research!

  • We all know that feeling when a new model comes out with higher storage capacity. More features than the one you just bought at the same price! If you’ve broken your phone and think that that should be a reason to get a new one rather than fix it, then you’re wrong! Get an SD card. Clear out your device of the old pictures by storing them in Google photos or on your laptop and get a software update.

  • Time is an important factor because you need to think about how much delay getting your phone fix vs. getting a new one. Reinstalling every app and setting will cause and how urgently you need a new one.

Hopefully, this article will make things easier for you to decide between getting iPhone repair parts for a fix and getting a new phone!

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