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It is easy to decide to buy Garmin watch but choosing which one to buy is quite difficult. Garmin Watches are starting with low ranges of price and a basic level to expensive one with the higher technology, features and functions. The Garmin watch reputation is about the well-reputed battery that makes you sure to never make you down while performing your activities.
This watch is more or less suggested to those who like to have smartwatch and fitness watch all in one. Be it a professional athlete or just a beginner runner. You can monitor the basic data like calories, steps, distance to very professional data like heartbeat and VO2 max capacity.

How to choose best Garmin Watch for men

Garmin Watch is very well advanced and some can even track your stress level but all is depending on which model you want and how much you are ready to pay for this watch. Here are some details that may help you to choose the right one for yourself.

  • Design: The watch has plenty of designs and colours which suits according to your usage. For example, if you need a daily wear one for your workout time as well as office time, you need to choose something more simple in design which doesn’t look odd always on your wrist.
  • Compatibility. Watches are working with IOS and Android and fully capable with your smartphone, connectivity via Bluetooth and wifi.
  • Features: There is a very lengthy list of the features of Garmin Watches. From goal setting, personal challenges, tracking and monitoring, interactive app connectivity, VO2 max and heart rate. Overall they are not lacking anything in features.
  • Battery life: The device has very well reputed battery life with all those apps running on it and being GPS mostly on. The battery last for 12 hours and there are options that last for a year.
  • Durability: It has been designed with hard material like stainless steels, glass and silicon. But still, it depends on what sort of activity you are going to use if you prefer doing rock climbing rather than gyming, then its much better to go for something with stronger features among them.
  • Waterproofness.  If you are a fan of the swimming or water sports, you can easily opt for this option but before buying do researches to see which one suits you most.

Best Garmin Watch for Men

Garmin watches are monitoring so many activities but mostly it is good for recording cycling, running. Any such activities that speed, distance and gradient are the main key interest. Overall Garmin watches have so many features and you need to opt for the one suits you more. Here we are going to discuss about best Garmin watch for men.

Garmin Vivo Smart

This is stylish with the daily use features. With hidden tracker that you can activate it at the time of necessity. it’s not a very sporty look so that you can use it daily.

Features: has monitoring tools like heartbeat and VO2 Max. stress monitoring, waterproof for swimming and shower. Elevate heartbeat monitor. Stylish and slim design. with personal reps counter for gyming.

Specification: Garmin Brand, Model No. 0100195506 with 1.12-ounce weight.

Garmin Vivo Smart

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Garmin Watch Forerunner 235

Allows you to monitor your pace and tracking. With music and audio display, also you can pick up your mobile notification on this smartwatch.

Features: 1.23 diameter screen. Sharp colour LCD information with 215 to 180-pixel resolution.heart-based sensor with tracking your activities 24*7.sportive look with 3 different colours. Tracks your sleep, heartbeat, calories, steps, pace and distance. Battery life using GPS 11 hours and standby 9 days. Onboard storage is 200 hours of activity. With Bluetooth connection and smartwatch capabilities.

Specification: Garmin Brand, Model No.0100371770with 1.6 ounce weight.

Garmin Forrunner 235

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Garmin Watch Forerunner 735XT

A stylish and smooth look with a combination of grey and black colours. Monitoring all of your statistic performance like running, cycling, swimming. A waterproof and awesome choice for triathletes.

Features: 1.23 diameter screen. Display sharp colour LCD information. Traditional shape, soft and comfortable. 24*7 tracking physical activities. Multisport activity data tracker.with smartphone notification. Battery life using GPS is 14 hours and Battery life on standby: 11 days. Onboard storage is 80 hours of activity. With Bluetooth connection and smartwatch capabilities.

Specification: Garmin Brand, Model No.0100161400with 1.6 ounce weight.

Garmin Watch Forerunner 735XT

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Garmin Watch Forerunner 35

Funky look with four colours of black, white, blue and limelight. Recording heartbeat with GPS tracker. The LCD is showing all the required information on the watch. The watch has comfort on the wrist as well as a decent look. Thought it is sportive but due to its slim design you have a comfort of daily using it.

Features: 093. To 0.93 inches square display screen. Built-in GPS. no phone required for tracking. Vibration alert. Smart connectivity with music and updates. Battery life with GPS is 13 hours and on standby is 9 days. Onboard storage is 7 activities. With Bluetooth connection and smartwatch capabilities.

Specification: Garmin Brand, Model No.0100168900 with 1.6-ounce weight.

Garmin Watch Forerunner 35

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Garmin Watch Forerunner 630

This smartwatch has lots of advanced features for monitoring your progress and enhancing your performance. You can get access in live tracking data, audio prompt. Its a customized watch you can anytime reset it.

Features: 1.23 diameter screen touch with the full-colour display. Second generation advance running dynamic. Monitor and support advanced psychological measurement. With VO2 Max and recovery times. Wireless transmission for the heart rate. Battery life with using GPS is 16 hours and on standby is 28 days. Onboard storage is 200 hours of activities. With Bluetooth connection and smartwatch capabilities.

Specification: Garmin Brand, Model No.0100371700 with 1.44-ounce weight.

Garmin Smartwatch Forerunner 630

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Bottom Line

It is really difficult to name the best Garmin watch for Men due to the variety in features and models that the company provided for the clients. But overall we can say if you really want a change in your lifestyle, then start going for Garmin watches and observe the time in your life.  The Garmin Watch made it certain to have different feature and models for whatever is your purpose. Hope you enjoy reading the article and this could lead you for the desired watch you need to buy.

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