Top 8 Android Apps That Help You Stick To Your Goals

Every individual feels the necessity of setting one or more goals in his/her life. The importance of setting one’s goals also determine how well one can achieve it, whether it is your personal goal or a goal that you want to achieve in your professional life.

Now, the question here is, how do you achieve your goals in this fast-paced world? The answer to this lies in the fact that what strategies you implement in order to successfully achieve the objectives that you dream about. However, in the present generation, reaching out for your goals have gone digital. The use of technology is making our lives more productive by offering new and advanced methods that work efficiently.

The invention of smartphones is becoming the basic need of every person. It has also gained so much popularity among children, adults, and seniors. A smartphone lets you do various things – making calls, sending text and multi-media messages, e-mails, online chat, watch and stream videos, movies, listen to music, online radio, download documents and multi-media files, etc. There is just no end to what smartphones can’t do these days.

Thus, with the help of your smartphone, you can also set and achieve your daily goals, be it your personal or professional goals. This blog will help you find some of the apps that can actually make your lives easier and become more productive. We have listed some of the free and premium applications which can be downloaded on your smartphones that are running the Android mobile operating system. The apps are also made available for other mobile operating system platforms that can be easily downloaded from the download center on your mobile device.

8 best Android apps that help you set goals in life

Here are a few goal-setting apps for your Android smartphones which you can try today.

1. GoalsOnTrack

This is a premier app that allows you to set and track your goals, manage tasks and time, etc. The app tool also provides additional services to work more productively. You can create your daily action plans right from the palm of your hand. The GoalsOnTrack app is currently available for all mobile operating system platforms. So, anybody can download and use the app on their smartphones.

The app is accredited by Best Business Bureau (BBB) and is a great goal-setting tool for your smartphone.

Visit the website here:

2. Joe’s Goals

This app is also called Joe’s Logbook and is available for free. It helps you plan your daily habits and tasks and track your progress. You can log activities which you perform daily and mark them with your personal notes. It is a simple-to-use app and offers many utilities through which you can easily stick to your goals and will not have any problems in achieving them.

Visit the website here:

3. Strides

Strides are also one of the mobile apps that lets you track your daily habits and goals right from your smartphone. The app welcomes you with a signup page, where you create a free account profile to start using the tool. There are reminders which you can use in order to manage your habits as well as your life goals.

Visit the website:

4. stickK

This app lets you stay committed to your everyday tasks and fulfill them easily. Whether your goal is to maintain health and well-being or something different, using the stickk app on your smartphone gives you the opportunity to achieve what you do.

Visit the website here:

5. Way of Life

This app helps you take control of good habits over the bad habits. It provides simple tools with a clean graphical interface. You can set your daily routines via the Way of Life app and stay on track with the reminders. If you have a bad habit that you want to quit permanently, use this app. It also lets you take notes and gives you a report of your daily habits which you do.

Visit the website:

6. ToodleDo

This app provides a single platform where you can create one or more action plans for the goals that you want to achieve. Using this app, you can maintain a to-do-list of the activities that you do daily. The tool is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Visit the website here:

7. Coach

The Coach app gives you a habit tracker, where you can set and track your habits on a daily basis. Along with the habit tracker tool, the app also provides additional services, such as habit coaching and leadership coaching. These are premium services where you can speak directly with a coach for consultation over the phone.

Visit the website here:

8. Lifetick

Lifetick is also among the popular apps that give you a platform through which you can achieve your goals in life. You can manage and track your activities with the help of charts and the app’s smart methodology. You can also share your goals with your people if you have a team-goal to achieve.

Visit the website here:

These apps can be downloaded from Google PlayStore, AppStore, Microsoft Store and Blackberry World on your smartphones.

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