6 Essential Tools for Writing Your Dissertation or Thesis

Essential Tools for Writing Your Dissertation or Thesis

Writing a dissertation or thesis is an intense activity that will drain all your energy. It has taken some people years to complete theses and dissertations because they did not know where to find help. Get cheap dissertation writing to help you save time while also improving your grade. 

Assistance with dissertation or thesis writing comes in multiple ways. It could include face-to-face help by your supervisor, peers, seniors, or the committee. There are tools that take it a notch higher with features that will enhance your performance while providing the beautiful writing experience. 

Online tools are not confined to academic writing. Some will help with research while others enable you to manage time better. Here are tools you can try to make your writing better. 

  • Wunderlist 

Wunderlist is a good place to start because of the central role played by planning in the successful completion of your thesis. The extensive work that goes into completing an academic paper of the level of a thesis or dissertation is huge. You need to know what should be done, when, the resources you need, due time, and when you are falling behind schedule, among other aspects. Wunderlist is designed to provide these features. 

Wunderlist puts all to-do elements in a single place. You can set reminders and alarms that help you to track your progress. Once you complete a task, you can tick it off the list from Wunderlist. It is a platform with a dashboard where all activities can be viewed. You can refer to the app as a project management tool that will guarantee efficiency while you work on the project. 

Other interesting features include the ability to comment on your progress, work as a group, and add notes to your progress report. It can be installed on your phone and is still accessible over computers. You have the perfect tool to help you manage your project from a single control room. 

  • Grammarly Premium

Language and expression are crucial in academic writing. Errors in your grammar, spelling, word choice, and choice of voice, among other factors will affect your performance. Such grammatical errors also derail your ideas and may misrepresent your points. Grammarly Premium is one of the thesis writing tools that enable you to produce pristinely written academic papers. 

It is installed on word processing software or can be used from the website. It highlights errors in your writing and will also provide alternative answers. From the reports generated, you can identify your area of weakness and take a course or seek assistance with your writing. 

While dictionaries and other writing tools pick common errors, Grammarly goes a step further to highlight complex issues. Here is some of the cleaning it will do for your paper. 

  • It highlights unclear sentence structure and inconsistent writing style
  • Grammarly will save you from overusing certain words. Your paper will not be a boring repetition of words and phrases. Ineffective vocabulary will also be eliminated. 
  • It helps you to deal with impolite, insensitive, and non-inclusive writing. 
  • Grammarly will raise the formality level of your writing
  • It is a perfect tool to check plagiarism

Grammarly is available free of charge with limited features. The few dollars you spend on premium will make your writing captivating. It is your partner in producing the most distilled academic paper. It feels like having a real-time editor while your draft your paper. 

  • Evernote

Evernote is designed with researchers in mind. The intensive reading and notes taking requires appropriate tools to organize the reference materials you have isolated for your paper. Evernote helps you to collect materials from different sources and create a personal database to serve a single chapter or the thesis. 

The materials and notes taken can be organized based on the topic, chapter, or project. These materials are stored in portable document formats, text, images, and such other options that exist. It comes with a desktop and online version that allows you to synchronize your folder and access materials from different devices. 

The search option on Evernote is a game changer. It allows you to enter the search word and extract the file you need for your assignment. It is the best tool you can use to organize reference materials and make it easier to craft your thesis. 

  • Canva

What images or graphics do you want to add to your paper? Canva is the go-to-designer. It will create infographics and other visual communication materials like a pro. You can present your research with ease and in an impressive fashion. If you are looking to design covers and presentations like a pro, Canva is the place to be. It works on computers and mobile phones, delivering the best convenience. 

  • Drop Box

It is painful to lose months of work through a corrupted hard drive or lost gadget. What if you could store all the documents and materials at a single place where they are accessible from anywhere? Drop Box tools allow you to store files online and access them from any device. The files can be edited and will be updated in real time. Whether water or a coffee spill damages your gadget, your project will be intact. The files are organized on the drive to make it easier to retrieve what you want. You do not have to create multiple versions of the same document because editing is not working. 

  • Offtime

The intensity of academic writing requires razor sharp focus. Unfortunately, Smartphone distractions like social media and games are likely to take up a lot of your time. Thanks to Offtime, you can now reclaim your lost time. It allows you to block apps for duration until you complete your work. You can select apps and functions that should not be frozen. With less distraction, you can produce insightful research. 

The internet has numerous other tools that will make writing easier. Whether it is grammar, time management, or organization of your notes, there is a perfect tool for you. Most of the apps offer free options but the little paid upgrade will significantly improve the quality of your paper. 

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