The Only 5 Movie Makers You Need to Create Memorable Content in 2020.

The role of an online content creator is not more just about writing posts and scripts. The lines of digital media and content creation have blurred; everyone online has to make content today.

Without movie maker tools and applications, this process would not be as easy as it is today. But do we really need to make these videos? Let’s take a look.

Need For Videos in 2020

Videos are taking over our lives more than you can realize it. Each day the internet is flooded with millions of hours of footage. Over 80% of the online bandwidth contains videos. Even social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are altering the interface to better fit videos.

If you use the internet to sell or market products, then videos are the go-to cash cow. Simply having a video on your website can increase your discoverability and take you to the front page of a Google Search.

Since videos are more comfortable to watch, more users prefer to consume content in this form over text-blogs and image-posts.  

Types Of Video Makers:

We can classify movie-makers or editors into two main categories. Based on the medium of usage:


Online editors are those accessed from the browser of your phone or computer. They are web-based apps that need no download, allow remote access and sharing. They also come built-in with templates and formats to make the user experience more natural.

These apps are mostly free, with an addition of some paid and premium features. For those looking for a faster option to video making, these are the best alternatives.


These are editors used on computers and need software-download and installation. They are more powerful and can be used to make stocky and long-form movies. However, they need in-depth skills and practice to use.

A lot of the offline applications are paid-versions and need an appropriate computer to work. If you are looking at making high-quality videos to promote your film-making skills — this is a much-needed tool.  

The 5 Best Video Makers to Use in 2020.

Suppose you are looking to kickstart with some simple video projects. Here are a few quality applications to make videos easier. This list is a combination of both online and offline apps.

Video Creek

This is a popular online tool used to make intros and short videos. If you are aiming to make videos for social media, then this is a great fit. The platform is easy to use, fast and free. They come with some templates that allow for easy content creations.

The use of Video Creek applies to intros, brand videos, social media posts, and even product-specific videos. They allow you to easily resize the videos to the necessary dimensions and incorporate your logo with a drag-and-drop.

The platform also lets you use free music, easily add text, alter the colors, and contain a vast collection of stock videos. Video creek is a one-stop-shop for all things video-making for online use.


One of the more elaborate and user-friendly apps online is InVideo. This app is the go-to choice if you are looking to make videos for social media posting. Marketers and influencers around the world use this application daily.  

InVideo lets you pick the appropriate dimension of a video based on the platform of posting. They have pre-made designs and videos with enough options to spoil you for choice. The application is fast, easy to learn, and needs a minimum bandwidth to use.

They have a collection of over 3500 templates, giving you the range to many any form of videos. Your Instagram Story or Feed videos can look highly professional with almost no knowledge of film-making or video editing.  


From online to almost online, KineMaster is a mobile-downloadable application that has blown minds worldwide. The application is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. They are free to download and contain a barrage of features.

This app lets you make professional-looking videos in just a few steps. However, you will take a few days to acclimatize to the feature of this app. It supports all video, audio, and image formats. They contain the necessary features like trimming, transitions, editing, color-grading, and more.

You will have to use your small mobile screen to work, which might make the process a little longer. But KineMaster allows you to share online on any social media or email app directly.

Windows Movie Maker

This is one of the longest-running and go-to desktop software for beginners. If you are a windows user, this app is free to download. The application is easy to learn and lets you run most of the fundamental edits needed to compile a low-profile video.

They cover all the simple features like trim tools, custom text-box, simple special effects, overlay transitions, and audio-track adjustments. Since it is computer-based, they do not have design-templates, nor can you share the project files for collaborations.


Apple and the iMovies tools have been the starting steps to some of the most successful film-makers around us. Over the years, they have managed to master iMovies into a full-fledged editing tool; ideal for both professionals and amateurs.

The newest versions of iMovies have impressive features like automated video editing, music corrections, 4K video support, image stabilization, and advanced color setting. With all these sophisticated features, it could take time to learn and master.

If you are looking to make simple and fast-need videos for social media, online tools could be a better option. If you are looking to learn and grow as a filmmaker, then iMovies is a significant step.

Closing Thoughts,

The online tools are beneficial for simple, fast, and digital-media videos if you were to weigh the pros and cons of online and offline video makers. They are easier to learn and use and need almost no prior-experience to master.

The choice is yours, based on your needs and demand for content; either one of these tools will be the ideal companion in your journey to better digital content.

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