Content Marketing resources/Tools That Will Double Your Search Traffic

If you want to double your search traffic, then you should know that you have to choose a topic with high potential for your website or page for that matter. If you are unfamiliar with the sources where you get search traffic, then don’t worry, we will tell you everything related to search traffic and how it can be increased in today’s resource. First, know that there are two major sources of getting search traffic, the first major source is from search engines like google, bing, yahoo and many others. The second common way is through social media websites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Before writing or publishing your content on the website, you should always think through this whether your content is worthy enough to grab the attention of the search engine or it is just filling out space on your page! If you want your content to attract or bring traffic and be on the page for a long time, then you should make sure that you have a trendy topic with long-lasting information with facts and figures. Now below in this resource, we are going to tell you all about the content marketing tools that can help you double your search traffic!

Content Marketing Tools for Use in 2020!

If you search for the best content marketing resources on the web then you should know that the search engine is going to provide you with hundreds of relative results and tools, but it is not a wise plan to pick one at random, so today we are going to tell you about the best utilities for you in 2020!


The most important thing in content writing and publishing is the part where you check plagiarism in your work to remove all possibilities of intentional and accidental plagiarism. The use of plagiarism checkers is very important as far as the search traffic is concerned as you should know the more unique your content would be the better would be its position on the search engine which will help you become visible to the major traffic on the web. There are many online plagiarism checkers available, but the reliable by is the best one because:

  • This plagiarism checker can be used for free
  • This online plagiarism tool can not only help you check but also in the simple removal of duplication from your content.
  • You can get detailed plagiarism detection reports with this online tool for authentication and proof of originality.
  • You can do unlimited searches daily and on any device that you want as this plagiarism checker tool is compatible with different resources.


The second resource in this essay is this one, and you can find this online tool on your desktop device without any complications and for free. You should know that this cloud-based program is the one that can help you get answers to all of your queries. You can easily use this online tool about the trendiest topics on the internet along with the details of the one that is relative to your website or webpage. You should know that this is a very versatile tool that can provide you with ideas of what to write and how to present by telling you about the competition in your respected field! You can also analyze topics and phrases with this online program and can generate a decent amount of traffic using this tool!

Keyword finder-SER

Finding keywords is very important for your content if you want to not only double the traffic but also if you want to get any traffic you want. You should know that with even the most classical and well-written content, you cannot attract traffic until and unless you are having the most relative keywords stuffed in your content. Web experts always urge that you should use at least five to eight keywords in a 500-word content in the right ratio. You should make sure that you use the main keywords more than the secondary ones! The keyword finder tools by smallseotools and SER are the best ones for use!

Keyword rank checker by search engine reports

Now another important tool that can help you boost your traffic is known as the keyword rank checker tool. You must be thinking of how checking the ranks of a keyword can help you increase search traffic. Well, you should know that the keywords attract a certain amount of traffic with respect to their search density and their position on the search engine. Finding keywords is very easy, and you can get hundreds of relative phrases to your content with finder tools, but you should know that the rank checker tools will tell you to help you use the top ones in your content!

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